Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

After that, while Mars tours Taurus from June 8 to July 20, you won’t have to work quite so hard for a while, and you will start to see a harvest from your previous labors. Friends, colleagues, clients, and even acquaintances will be impressed with your imaginative ideas, along with your superb work ethic, and your kind leadership style means others will be eager to work with you.

You will have time for your partner at the full moon on June 21 when you may have an event to attend together—or you may throw a party yourselves and invite many friends. Alternatively, being in a reflective planning mood, you may choose a new goal to work on as a couple. You will be mixing and mingling socially more often than usual this month, so plan to go to a dress-up affair on Saturday June 21 (or over the ensuing weekend). Invite friends along, including your sweetheart if you have one.

If you are single, you will be magically magnetic on June 28 when Venus in Cancer contacts Mars in Taurus. Who could possibly resist you?

In fact, try to circulate more during the period when Venus will be in Cancer (a once-a-year event), extending from June 17 to July 11. Pick out new clothes, and see to your appearance—it’s time to have fun giving yourself a refresh—then step out.

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