Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

Saturn will be in hard angle to the Sun and new moon, as well as Venus, so it appears you will need to burn the midnight oil in coming weeks to get your plan launched. While the process won’t be easy, the payoff appears to be considerable and worth all the effort you will put into it. Travel may be hard to do this month, especially if going to a foreign country. Alternatively, a political situation may be bubbling up (unbeknownst to you) with changes being made by management that you may not agree with. If you don’t—speak up.

June 4 would be an ideal time to sign any kind of contract or to make an indelible promise to someone you care about.

The twelfth house, where all the action will be for you this month, and in many ways for the next 12 months, is also a place of healing. If you have thought about seeing a therapist regarding a particular problem that has been tugging at your heart, this would be a good time to start seeing someone.

At the same time, your intuition will be very sharp. Pay attention to your hunches, and also to any vivid dreams that you may have, in the first three weeks of June as you may get an additional clue to unlocking a problem.

On another note, your career is likely to have made impressive progress in April and May, and the momentum you built up will carry you forward for many weeks. As the month starts out, Mars is still lighting up your tenth house of prestigious leadership, honors, and awards through June 8, so make it a point during that first week to get your foot in the door with anyone you need to see to advance your career. You will have the favor of Mars to help you.

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