Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

If you have a steady sweetheart, you may have a party to go to together on or within four days of the full moon on June 21, and you’ll enjoy it very much. In fact, you may be the one throwing the party.

Romantically, whether you are single and dating or already happily married or living together, this should be a good month, because Venus will move into Cancer on June 17 and stay until July 11.

Venus’ lover Mars will be in Taurus, also a highly compatible sign to your Cancer Sun, and Mars will stay from June 8 to July 20.

Both Venus and Mars will amplify your charm and magnetism. While Venus is in Cancer, you may want to refresh your appearance with one or two new wardrobe items or a new scent (you too, men). Mars in Taurus will tour your eleventh house of friendships, fun, and social activity, so you will be out and about more often than you’ve been in recent months, and you will have plenty of events to look forward to.


You have a buildup of planetary star power in the most private part of your chart, the twelfth house, so you may be scheduling confidential talks after the new moon in Gemini on June 6. Mercury will conjoin Jupiter earlier, on June 4, and will still be close enough to provide shimmering rays to this new moon in Gemini. Talks will be highly productive in the first week of June with a lot of flexibility among the participants.

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