Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

These full moons will put a spotlight on either a serious romantic relationship (your spouse or established, steady partner) or on a business partner or expert you hire to work with you in a confidential one-on-one way, such as an accountant, lawyer, social media director, publicist, or other specialist professional.

You seem to want to come to a conclusion concerning this relationship. You might make a commitment now, or the full moon may conversely bring a turning point where you decide the relationship is not for you. If you have been interviewing professionals for a business role, you may be ready to hire, or if you feel no one seems quite right, you may want to continue the process until next month’s full moon in Capricorn on July 21.

Nevertheless, you will feel the need to make a decision about the business candidates you have already seen and interviewed so that you don’t leave anyone hanging. You will be in control, and nothing is predestined—this is simply an important point to make decisions and especially so if your birthday falls within four days of June 21.

There is one problem with that full moon on June 21— Neptune will be in tight, out-of-sign square to the full moon. This suggests you may need to ask more questions to fill in blank spots in your understanding of the person’s character and experience. If you are hiring a professional, reach out to their references, get a background check, and peruse their social media.

If you are ready to commit to marriage, make sure you have the full picture of your partner. Neptune in this position can urge you to idealize the person, but without having all the necessary facts to back up your admiration, it could be misplaced (or not). You need to find out.

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