Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

Alternatively, with Saturn in your ninth house, overseas travel could be difficult this month.

Let’s backtrack a little to June 2 when Jupiter and Pluto will make a decisive trine aspect, which is a fantastic, highly harmonious aspect associated with success and money. If you are selling something expensive on this day (or near it), such as a piece of property or a car, you are likely to get top dollar.

June 2 will fall on a Sunday, but you will do well on Monday, June 3, too. As a matter of fact, if you work in sales or have your own business, you will find most of the month will bring brisk business because Jupiter and Pluto move very slowly, and their orbits will be within significant mathematical range of each other during the first three weeks of June.

This is a five-star aspect that arrives rarely. The next time Jupiter and Pluto will make a similar aspect will be on a single day four-plus years from now in September 2028. If you are offered a salary or benefits package for a new job, you will see one of the best offers presented to you this year.

If you need to sign an agreement, do so during one of the finest aspects possible for this purpose, June 4, when Mercury and Jupiter will conjoin in Gemini.

Now let’s look at your career, which apparently has been going great. Mars will still be in Aries during the first eight days of June, making this your best time to focus on career matters and any efforts to get ahead. Mars is currently in your tenth house of prestigious professional honors, awards, and achievement, so those first eight days will be when you will find it easier than usual to see VIPs and have your idea approved and funded. If there is anyone you need to meet with, you need to make that appointment quickly.

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