Cancer Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

by Susan Miller

Your best work will be done in solitude while Jupiter is in Gemini. You may be doing research or writing that requires concentration, such as fact-checking or interpreting data. You will want to screen out others’ opinions and focus on your own instincts, for those will be remarkably on target and better than any advice you receive from experts. Indeed, your intuition will be uncannily correct, and even your dreams may provide answers to a perplexing question (should you have one).

Another plus with Jupiter in the twelfth house is that it’s considered a highly creative placement, and you will display originality in the way you go after goals.

This area of your chart is also associated with physical and mental healing, so it could be an ideal time to have a medical procedure or surgery. If you feel a need to talk with a therapist, much can be accomplished in the coming year if you start after the new moon on June 6. You will want to enter your Emerald Year, starting in June 2025, in top shape, so if you have any screenings, tests, dental work, or medical work you need to attend to, do it now to clear the decks for your glorious Emerald Year, just around the corner.

Friends, colleagues, clients, and even acquaintances will be impressed with your imaginative ideas, along with your superb work ethic

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