Cancer Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

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Romantically, you will be dripping with charisma. Venus will be in Cancer from June 2 until June 26. You may not be aware of your magnetism, but others will feel drawn to you and fascinated by you.

Having Venus in your sign is ideal for improving your appearance in any way you like, including booking a haircut, trying out a new skincare regimen, going for Botox or fillers, or buying new clothes or accessories. Mercury will be retrograde, of course, but only until June 22. Venus will remain in your sign until June 26, leaving nearly at the end of June 26.

One of the best times for glittering romance will be June 3-4, when love-me planet Venus will be in Cancer, divinely trine to Jupiter, a planet of happiness and luxury. These days get four stars from me, so find a way to use this time to the fullest.

Circle Saturday, June 12 too, for a weekend filled with all kinds of the right surprises. Venus and Uranus will be in ideal sync, making it an exciting day for you if you travel.

I love June 21 for love, fun, and beauty—a day when Venus in Cancer will be in ideal angle to Neptune in Pisces. You will feel this aspect over the weekend of June 19-20, so plan a beautiful dinner out or a short road trip into the country.

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