Cancer Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This eclipse will also sharpen your intuition. As a Cancer, you learned a long time ago to listen to the small voice within, and this month, it will be doubly important to do so. You may also have a prophetic dream, so keep a pen and paper near your bedstand because you’ll want to write down the details. You may not immediately understand what it means, so ask a variety of friends to tell you what they think. After a short time, you will put together the pieces and know.

The twelfth house also covers the subconscious mind, so if you need to talk with a professional therapist, this would be the ideal time to begin. New moons open new paths, and because this solar eclipse is in Gemini, the sign of communication, you may hit a breakthrough soon or within six months. You might see a therapist for any reason—to treat anxiety, to deal with grief, or to shake a dependency on a substance. Or you may want to talk about a matter that came up recently at work. These are only a few examples to get you thinking. Many people find therapy to be comforting and effective, and your health insurance might cover your sessions, so call to find out.

You might be visiting a relative or friend in the hospital as the twelfth house is the house of confinement and healing. If you have been meaning to have a procedure yourself, you might do so later this month, near the full moon on June 24. At this time, Saturn will boost the fine, upbeat result of the June 10 eclipse—it’s in a perfect angle from your eighth house to help you.

If you’re wondering if your insurance would cover all the costs of your medical procedure or surgery, it looks like the answer will be yes. Of course, call your insurance company to find out before you have it done, or ask your doctor if she takes your insurance for her fee. (Again, it looks like you will be okay financially on this matter. It always helps to ask.)

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