Cancer Horoscope for January 2024

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Your Horoscope for Cancer

The holidays are over, and life will become more leisurely. Your focus will be on your spouse or steady sweetheart after the new moon at 21 degrees in your opposite sign of Capricorn appears on January 11. This is a happy new moon, setting off weeks of activity, so if you are hoping to wed, one of you may pop the question.

You can also direct this energy to open talks for taking on a business partner or collaborator, and if so, this is a good time for it. Uranus will be beautifully oriented toward this new moon, and as the moon is your ruler, this new moon could bring together a decision fairly quickly. Although you may assume you are being a little impulsive, Saturn, the ruling planet of Capricorn (sign of the new moon) will see to it that your decision is well thought out.

At this new moon, Saturn will be in friendly contact to both Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, and Mars, planet of action. Mars will make you decisive, Jupiter will be excited and happy about your plans, and Saturn will see that your expectations are realistic and stable. Additionally, financial news could be unexpectedly positive.

At the full moon in Leo, 5 degrees, later in the month on January 25, you may be paying off bills—possibly taxes, if you decide to jump on doing your tax return early. Whomever you owe seems to be demanding and not open to allowing you to delay the payment due to any tough circumstances. Thanks to a kind Uranus, if you come up short, it appears your business partner or spouse will be willing to give you the money you need to meet an obligation, so in that sense, all will be well.

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