Cancer Horoscope for January 2022

Your January Horoscope for Cancer

There may be a small obstacle to get over because Pluto will oppose the full moon. If you come up against a difficult authority figure, keep talking. At first, you may find this crusty high-level person won’t budge an inch on what you need to be approved. I feel that with so many planets working on your behalf, and your charm and persuasiveness will be strong, you should be able to win over even the most skeptical boss or client.

I love that at the time of the full moon, January 17, Venus and Uranus will be in trine position, which is the most heavenly aspect you can get—you can charm the birds from the trees, dear Cancer. Combined with Uranus in your eleventh house of hopes and wishes sending brilliant electric beams to Venus in your partnership sector, your outlook for success with a partner will be strong and positive. There is an element of surprise in this aspect, so what’s coming may not be what you expect (in the best sense). A middleman, such as an agent, job broker, or even a friend, could be instrumental in your luck at this full moon.

Money is not the only benefit from the full moon of January 17—there will be more. Venus, being the recipient of the sparkling rays of Uranus, will VISIT your partnership sector (seventh house), bringing outstanding developments regarding your business or romantic partner.

Venus, however, RULES your fourth house of home and family, another area of potential gain and happy news. You may improve your living space or hear surprisingly good news about a family member. Venus also rules your solar friendship sector as well (eleventh house), so one friend may make an outstanding gesture that will touch your heart in early January.

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