Cancer Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Cancer

This indicates you can outsmart the news Uranus brings. For example, you may have calculated that you owe too much in taxes, but when you see a professional, they will discover that’s not true. This is only one example, so you have to see how this works out. If you are married, you might ask your spouse to look over your work too, because one area of your chart that will light up this month includes your marriage partner.

One last thought: If you are negotiating benefits for a new position, you can do well if you have someone else to represent you, such as an agent or lawyer. It is very clear, in your case, that two heads will be better than one when it comes to financial matters in February.

Although February 14, Valentine’s Day, is kind of a push-pull day, with Jupiter kissing the transiting moon in compatible Taurus, it should work out well for you. And if you aren’t attached, round up your friends for a fantastic fun night out.

By the full moon on February 24, you may be ready to take a trip or conclude a contractual negotiation. If you work in publishing or broadcasting, you may be finishing up a major project. You might feel a bit cash poor at this time due to Saturn in conjunction with the Sun, but this seems to be a temporary feeling. Simultaneously, Jupiter will contact the moon and bring excellent news of money from the deal you are crafting.

Additionally, Jupiter will reach out to Saturn, planet of long-term gain, so it appears that your decisions this month will yield a sense of comforting security. Don’t let any unexpected news rock you—you can figure out whatever you need to do and come out ahead.

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