Cancer Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Cancer


With a crowd of planets in your eighth house, you appear to be ready to work on your finances to get them in shape for the coming year. This is the area of your chart that rules other people’s money, such as taxes, so you may want to get a jump on preparing your income tax return for your accountant.

The new moon on February 9 will give you the motivation to begin. You might devise a plan to pay off credit cards and loans or decide to review your investment portfolio with your financial advisor to see if any changes would be wise at this time. If you need to apply for a mortgage or student financial aid, send in an insurance claim, or submit any other application, do so directly after the new moon arrives (not before).

Be careful with your math and accuracy of any application or report you make as Uranus, who is taking the lead at this new moon, will create a surprise obstacle. It is impossible to guess what Uranus will stir up because this planet usually brings something you’d never expect. To deal with this prospect, make sure you are as organized and prepared as possible so that no surprise would occur due to an overlooked error.

When it comes to tax preparation and other financial activities, even if you have never worked with a professional, such as a bookkeeper or an accountant, you would be wise to do so this year. You have Venus and Mars in the house of partners in the first half of February—that is the area of your chart that includes collaborations with professionals. Additionally, although Uranus may bring a difficult financial surprise, at the same time, Uranus will signal Venus and Mars in a generous, friendly way—this suggests friends or family can be helpful.

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