Cancer Horoscope for February 2021

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Need proof that better days are due financially?

Look no further than the brilliant new moon of February 11 that will appear in Aquarius at 23 degrees in your eighth house of other people’s money. This new moon will represent the most important moment of the month. The horoscope is set up with two financial sectors. The first one, the second house, rules your income, possessions, savings, and spending—and that house was the first to be lit up at the full moon of January 28 that I just addressed.

The area that will be lit up here is the eighth house of other people’s money. This house allows you to “shop” for money when you need more than the amount you have in reserve. This house helps you achieve big goals, for it is triggered when you look for a large sum of money, such as a mortgage, business loan, infusion of venture capital, or university financial aid.

This same house is the area where you are paid on a performance basis, such as when you earn a commission, royalty, or licensing fee. The eighth house often produces unusually large sums that would arrive once or sporadically, not regularly the way most people receive a paycheck. No doubt about it, in 2021, you will make quite a bucket of money. Gemini had this last year, and even in a pandemic, most Gemini made a good income. (If you know someone who did not, there must be something in their chart I cannot see that prevented that bonanza, but most saw it.) The trend I am speaking about—many planets in your eighth house—comes every 12 years.

I looked up early 2009 for you, and although Jupiter was in the same place, other planets were moving in different signs, of course, so you may not have received the full benefit of Jupiter. By September 14, the planets were in a fierce pattern, and that is when the US (born July 4, and therefore, a Cancer country) experienced a mortgage crisis of epic proportions. You may have suffered losses (due to Uranus, Saturn, and other heavenly bodies that brought things to a terrible climax), but this year will not be at all like 2009. I always have to look at the entire sky of planets, not just one element. In the fall of 2009—September 14—things were quite shocking.

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