Aries Horoscope for March 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

March might bring out a new side in you, one that proves that you, too, can be highly intuitive, even psychic. You will have four planets twinkling in your twelfth house, and each one will work to heighten your sensibilities. Pay attention to small signals you pick up from others, odd coincidences, messages from a dream, and the tiny, fleeting expressions on the faces of those you speak to this month. Your antenna will be very high now, and later you may be surprised at how accurate your inner voice becomes to advise you on what to do next regarding an ongoing situation.

You will have the Sun and new moon, March 6, moving through your twelfth house, a place in the chart that reveals the hidden world to us. Neptune will be there too, a planet that puts a great deal of emphasis on your right-brain. Many born in March regularly operate with right-brain information, and this month, you will succeed by taking a page from Pisces’ notebook. Those with the Sun in the twelfth house—as you have in transit—are highly creative, and they listen and observe closely for signals, small clues, coded messages, and voice tone and inflection, and they note gestures and mannerisms. These add up to your impression of a person or situation, both consciously and unconsciously. Your brain naturally synthesizes all this information and provides clues you would otherwise miss if you only worked with your analyzing left brain. The twelfth house rules the subconscious, and this month, that part of you will be ultra-sharp and there to protect you.

Interestingly, the trio of the Sun, new moon, and Neptune in your twelfth house will be in continual, friendly contact in early March with Saturn and Pluto in your house of fame and honors, and at the same time, to your ruler, Mars, in your second house of earned income. This tells me your instincts will be a remarkably reliable guide now. At times, you’ll have no idea why you should follow that small voice within, but you will feel you must. The information you pick up subliminally will activate your instincts, which will be far ahead of that ever-working smart brain of yours. You will likely need to make decisions in the absence of hard data, but don’t be concerned about this month’s environment of ambiguity. Your intuition will be so on target that you can rely on different senses to come with the right solution.

If you encounter a situation related to last year but that you find disappointing because the project is not renewed, let it go and move on. You are entering a far more exciting period, and as you drive forward, it will show up soon, for it is just ahead.

I feel that your career reputation and income will benefit the most from this new moon configuration of March 6. A new moon is not operative for only a day but for a solid, ten-day period. The opportunities that come up and the actions you take during that time will have the power to affect you for a year or more. (That’s why you must take all new moons seriously, for they can help you.) With Jupiter—in fellow fire-sign Sagittarius—shining at the top of your chart (in your ninth house), you are being protected and are in an enviable position.

If you have a confidential job interview, see if you can schedule it for Friday, March 8, when the Sun and Saturn will be aligned. You will impress an older VIP with your experience, understanding of how your industry works, and your realistic approach to the job in question. The transiting moon will be in Aries, so you will have more control than usual and feel in your element.

On Thursday, March 21, Venus and Jupiter will be in sync making it an ideal time to travel to see friends, so try to take March 21 and 22 off (and make it a long weekend). Venus will be in Aquarius, a favorable placement for you, because it is an air sign that adds energy to your fire-sign element of Aries. I think this could be your happiest day this month.

Another special day for a secret interview will be Tuesday, March 12, when the Sun and Pluto will be in sync. The day I just gave you, March 8, has Saturn in a favorable position to the Sun, and on March 12, you have an ally in Pluto. Both Saturn and Pluto are in your tenth house of fame and honors, so any job you discuss on either day would be important to help boost your status. Pluto relates to money and power, so March 12 would be an ideal day to discuss your compensation. Saturn, on March 8, will help you build a strong bond with the older person in your negotiations. Both days are excellent.

You have two heavy-duty planets in your second house of earned income, Uranus and Mars, and both seem to be causing you to spend more money than usual. Mars can be responsible for higher spending, but again, you have no reason for concern because you may not have shopped for a while and need items, or you may be in a new lifestyle situation, such as having moved house or marrying, as two examples. There is almost an endless number of possible changes in your life that can trigger a need to spend. Fortunately, Mars will move out of this area of your chart on March 30, so you will soon have all you need and see relief regarding your credit cards.

Uranus, the planet of sudden change, disruption, and breakthroughs, is a very different planet that will now enter your second house of income on March 6 for the coming seven years, until April 2026. Yes, this is a slow mover—Uranus has not been in Taurus since 1932 to 1941—and will bring an entirely new experience for every sign, and for you, dear Aries, the surprises will relate to money. This is huge news.

Your entire financial spectrum will enlarge, so at times, you will see more money come to you than you ever anticipated possible, and at other times be hit with a high expense you never saw coming (from a tax bill, for example). At first, you may find this influence hard to control, but you will become skilled at dealing with it in short order. You may need to have access to contingency funds to bridge you over in times when money is a bit short, but you will have boons too, to balance out those periods—the problem is that you can’t count on when those windfalls will arrive. Until you become used to this new influence, you may want to spend conservatively.

You won’t have any planets speaking to Uranus this month, but you will next month when the planet of surprises conjuncts the Sun on April 22. On that day, you could see sudden shifts, bringing either gloriously good news or not so good news, because Uranus, a highly volatile planet, encourages innovation and ingenuity in you by creating sudden, lightning-fast change. Keep in mind that April 22 might be extremely special or not so much—you will have to wait and see, for with Uranus you just never know.

Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in your twelfth house, too—retrograde all month, from March 5 to March 28—and as you begin March, you are already feeling the slowdown. Do not buy electronic items this month, not unless your computer breaks down and you have no choice but to buy another. It’s not an ideal time to buy any electronics when Mercury is out of phase, so if you can rent what you need to tide you over, that would be a better idea. Buy your item later.

The bright side of Mercury retrograde is that sometimes someone voices an opinion, such as “You are not right for the job,” but then VIPs often change their mind later, and in your favor. It is best not to make a big decision or commitment during Mercury retrograde, and this applies to everyone—you or your boss. Take time to think more deeply about the matter on the table. Mercury retrograde makes us want to rush.

On the other hand, you may run into friends you have not seen in a long time, and at work, a project you put aside could now be funded and jump to life. These are fun moments, and they happen quite a bit while Mercury is retrograde. If you are a detective, you may now find clues to a cold case that leads to solving it. As you see, there are many beneficial aspects of Mercury retrograde. I have an essay on the home page of my website, Astrology Zone, called “Everything You Need to Know About Mercury Retrograde.” You’ll find it on the lower left side if you click through the list of new articles.

The same essay appears on my app—Daily Horoscope Astrology Zone + More by Susan Miller—available on Apple and Google Play. My app is free, although all my essays and longer daily forecasts are in the subscriber version, an in-app purchase for the upgrade. (A month’s subscription is $4.99, and you can stop the subscription auto-renewal any time after the subscription length you chose is over. If you can’t figure out how to do that, write to us, and we can help you. Once you have the premium version, go into Life + Love on the menu and choose Susan’s Essays—the piece on how to deal with Mercury retrograde is in that section, and you will see it immediately.)

A relationship will be your focus at the Libra full moon on March 20, plus or minus four days. This full moon will fall on the critical zero degree of Libra, considered a highly energetic degree, for it corresponds with an important point on the compass that defines direction. If you are in a committed romantic relationship, this may prove to be a significant time for you. If you are in a business relationship, then profits seem to be headed your way. As you know, Mercury is retrograde this month, so I would suggest you not sign papers now, but rather wait until April 14 (a Sunday) when the Sun and Jupiter will be in ideal sync.

Although you might receive a proposal for marriage, this new moon seems more likely to relate to a business alliance. You might hire a new lawyer, accountant, writing partner, lab partner, talent manager, social media manager, publicist, agent, headhunter, or other expert who can help you advance in your career. If you look at the type of people you may commit to, you will see that the person is on your level—not an intern or a subordinate who would report to you—but rather a person who has made a name in his or her career and who will be equal to you.

If you are talking about marriage with your partner, the topic of how you’d handle money together will come up. If you already have a spouse or business alliance, you may see your partner bring in an important deal. I can’t see everything going on in your chart, so if you are not happy in your partnership, you will try to sort through difficulties and come to a plan for the future—if not together, at least in your own mind. This does not appear to be a stressful full moon, so I am thinking good thoughts. I do know if your birthday falls on March 21 or within four days of this date, you will feel the effects of this full moon the most.

On Thursday, March 21, Venus and Jupiter will be in sync making it an ideal time to travel to see friends, so try to take March 21 and 22 off (and make it a long weekend). Venus will be in Aquarius, a favorable placement for you, because it is an air sign that adds energy to your fire-sign element of Aries. I think this could be your happiest day this month. With Jupiter in fiery Sagittarius, it also would be a beautiful day for a party or charity benefit.

Venus will be in Aquarius most of the month, from March 1 to 26, and for single Aries, this will be your best time for love. This will be especially true if you hope to rekindle a past relationship that somehow never worked out. If you are still in love, these days will sparkle, with March 21 your best.

As you near the month’s end, you will enjoy a quicker pace in your life. Mercury will go direct on March 28, sending in a blast of energy, and you will see events suddenly start to move forward in a big way.

Also at month’s end, Mars, your ruler, will break free of heavy, earthy Taurus—the place that has likely caused high expenses—and move into breezy Gemini. In April, you will have an opportunity for spontaneous, quick travel—next month looks to be fun.


You have lots going on in your private life, and you’d love to tell the world about what you are doing, but you’re likely not quite ready yet. Be patient, for soon you will be able to shout your plan from the rooftops. This all seems career-related and will add to your reputation and status in the industry, and personally too, so keep to the program. Powerhouse planets Saturn and Pluto are both enthusiastic about your ideas and are sending good wishes to both the Sun and new moon. Neptune is conjunct both the Sun and the March 6 new moon, sharpening your intuition to a high degree, and guarding you—listen to it. You seem to have special protection in the area of career reputation, status, and income. All these influences will become more noticeable to you after the new moon, March 6.

Headline news is happening in the heavens with the move of Uranus to Taurus on the same day, March 6. Uranus has not been in Taurus since 1934 to 1941, so when this planet of disruption, creativity, rebellion, sudden news, and even genius enters your second house of earned income, you may initially see your finances gyrate. You may make more money than you’ve ever seen in your life, but you may also have a few surprise expenses that are larger than you ever anticipated. Your mission will be to take a conservative approach to money during the coming months until you become used to this energy.

This month, you also have Mars in your second house, not far from Uranus, and this almost always spells heavier-than-usual spending. You may need to buy items, or you may need to pay tuition, make a down payment on a new house, or pay the doctor for monthly maternity visits—there’s likely a particular reason that you need to write so many checks. Lifestyle shifts are often initially accompanied by high spending, but by the end of the month, everything will settle out. Both Uranus and Mars are pushing up spending, and happily, Mars will be very friendly to the trio in your twelfth house, namely the Sun, the new moon, and Neptune, so alternatively, you may be planning a surprise for someone, and that could explain the large expenses, too. If so, you will enjoy the surprise you are plotting, and it will be worth the money you are spending.

Mercury will be retrograde in Pisces this month, from March 5 to 28. Mercury’s propensity to wreak havoc is well-documented, but like anything else, there is always an upside to Mercury out of phase. You may go back to a previous situation or relationship (business or personal in nature) and find a way to make progress now, even if you sidestepped it several months—or even years—ago.

The full moon will bring a relationship to fullness on March 20, and although your focus will most likely be on a committed business relationship, it may alternatively be on a romantic alliance. Mars will play a supportive role at the time of the full moon, and this is good news, for Mars is your guardian planet—you will likely find that everything goes well.

You might be discussing moving in with your sweetheart, accepting a proposal for marriage, or shaking hands on a final business deal you’ve worked on for some time. Even more important is the fact that Venus, ruler of Libra—the place of the new moon—will be in stellar shape, due to a conversation she will be having with good-fortune Jupiter. Venus rules money as well as love—one or the other appears to be yours at this time, and possibly both on or within a day of March 21.

The month ends on a sweet note. Mercury will go direct on March 28, speeding up talks that have lagged. In other good news, Mars moves into Gemini, a lovely place for your ruler to be, opening the door to spontaneous travel. You have plenty to look forward to in April.

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