Aries Horoscope for September 2023

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Your Horoscope for Aries

Mercury started to retrograde August 23, and during the three and a half weeks that Mercury is out of phase you may be tempted to rush, not pay close attention to details, become forgetful, and not make solid, well-considered decisions. Mercury also rules the gears and electronic chips in machines, so if you want to buy a new smart phone, computer, car, or dishwasher, for example, wait until September 25, your very best day of the month to buy an electronic item. I love this day for signing papers, too.

By the time you get to the new moon on September 14, (to be influential for months, but strongest in the first 10 days), you will be firmly focused on your work life. It appears you are doing a lot of strategy and behind-the-scenes planning. Pluto is beaming powerful, strong beams to the Sun and new moon, so apparently higher-ups will be delighted with your work. Additionally, Jupiter and Uranus will also be beaming golden vibrations to the Sun and new moon, making this an extraordinarily positive new moon, and you may make more money through a bonus, raise, or company benefits (which would also be valuable).

By mid-month, Saturn will have stopped adding pressure to your domestic life but will switch your focus to your work, and you will need to give it all you’ve got. You are entering a more strenuous period, so be sure you are well rested and taking good care of yourself. Mercury will go direct on September 15, so you won’t feel like you have to backpedal so much. Mercury started to retrograde on August 23, but you started to feel his slowdown two weeks prior to that date.

Mercury in retrograde likely caused to you to redo things more often than usual or to repeat communication. If you felt like you were in a returning loop, going round and round, getting nowhere, that’s a common experience with Mercury retrograde. If you are hiring staff (very possible) at work or at home, hire your choice candidates on or after September 15 for best results.

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