Aries Horoscope for September 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The reason I love this new moon of September 6 is that it will form an exact trine to surprise planet Uranus in your second house of earned income. This new moon could bring you an influx of money, such as a raise or a surprise new source of income. Mars is touring Virgo, your sixth house of work, but Neptune will oppose Mars, so make sure you fully understand all that needs to be done, for if you don’t, by the time you get within range of Mercury retrograde, the work will need to be backtracked and redone. Uranus, planet of unexpected developments in your house of earned income, will make this new moon a peach.

A new moon in Virgo puts Mercury in a leading position, and I am excited to see that Saturn will send the Sun and new moon gorgeous golden rays. This suggests an older, experienced person will help you in your career as Saturn rules your solar tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. You may see a prestigious rise in career status within approximately 10 days following the new moon.

Pluto will support the Sun on September 16 when a very high-level VIP could approve your plan or inquiry—you have so much going for you this month! Pluto is in your tenth house of fame, so the person you may be talking with on September 16 would be quite a muckety-muck (super powerful person). You may not even be aware of the favorable impression you have made on others and continue to make. No doubt about it, this is a good month.

Mercury is not the only planet suggesting you are about to reach another level of success—Mars, your ruler, will be in fine angle to Saturn on September 25. Every one of every sign will enjoy this aspect, but you will enjoy it more because Mars is your ruler, and therefore is weighted more heavily than other planets in your chart.

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