Aries Horoscope for October 2021

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I am so happy to send you my October forecast because it is an unusual one. Despite the fact that Mercury will be retrograde until October 18 (almost always an annoying aspect causing delays and mix-ups), you can nevertheless look forward to a splendid month, filled with many magnificent aspects sprinkled throughout October. I feel these coming jewel-like aspects will be so strong, you may not be ruffled too much by Mercury retrograde. After all, you do have experience with little Mercury and can outwit many of his antics.

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In October, your password will be collaboration. You are quite a leader and self-starter, so this month’s influence may seem odd. You might feel it’s just easier to take over and do things yourself, and that’s why everyone learns to rely on you. You are probably right—you can do things faster and more completely than anyone else, but then again, if you can do it all, it doesn’t mean you should do it all. Besides, others can occasionally contribute good ideas to the plan, ones that you may not have thought of, so give teamwork a try.

This is not the month to attempt to get your sole view approved at any point, so poll everyone on the team to see how they are viewing the project. Take a consensus. That’s your best road to success because you have four heavenly bodies in your seventh house of partnership: the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and your ruler Mars, all in Libra opposite your natal Sun. You may find you are relieved not to have to make all the decisions and take the weight of responsibility for the outcome.

If you disagree with a team member’s direction, present your case in a calm, cool, and polite way—at least you’ve voiced your thought—but do your best to be supportive. I don’t think you have any reason to be concerned. I feel you may enjoy the ideas others bring up—as it’s been said, two heads are better than one, and this month seems to bear this out. You will encounter many great aspects this month, and that’s unusual.

A buildup of planets in Libra puts Venus in the lead, and happily, Venus will receive shimmering rays from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This indicates that new ventures or relationships that are started on October 6, the date of the new moon in Libra, 13 degrees, or within the 10 days that follow, should go well for you.

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