Aries Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Aries

by Susan Miller

If this relationship is real and good for you, you can always go into it a few weeks later, after you’ve had time to have more discussions with the person in question and perhaps do background checks.

If your birthday falls on March 25, or within five days of this date, or you have Aries rising 5 degrees, you will feel the results of this eclipse. The same is true if you have a planet or your natal moon at 5 degrees Aries (plus or minus five degrees). This is a full moon, so something ends, and something else begins.

On April 8 we will have a major new moon total eclipse of the Sun (a solar eclipse) appearing in Aries, 19 degrees. It is very likely to affect you if your birthday falls on April 8, or within five days of that date. You will also feel this if you have Aries rising within five degrees of 19 degrees, or if this eclipse coincides (within five degrees) of another natal planet or your natal moon that is close to 5 degrees in Aries. This is a rare eclipse that I will discuss next month in detail. You will love the effect of the April 8 eclipse—it comes filled with surprise opportunities for you.


In early March you are in a pensive mode. Many planets are stacked up in your twelfth house of privacy, a good place to do reflective thinking about the future. Saturn, the great teacher, is orbiting close to the Sun in Pisces, so you are taking your life goals seriously—a good sign, for that is when goals become realized. Planets in Pisces also suggest that you have a great need to express your creative ideas in a meaningful, artistic way. You appear to be willing and able to do the hard work to craft something fresh, new, and complexly reflective of “you.” Jupiter will continue to orbit your second house of earned income, indicating that there’s generous money to be made too, so you will likely not only be getting applause but also substantial financial compensation.

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