Aries Horoscope for March 2024

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Your Horoscope for Aries

by Susan Miller

The first eclipse is due March 25 as a lunar full moon eclipse in Libra at 5 degrees. It will put a spotlight on your partner or serious collaborator in marriage or business. This is a gentle eclipse, and the lead planet will be Venus. Happily, Venus will be in superb condition and due to receive glittering rays from Jupiter in a “sextile,” meaning opportunity.

If you have been dating seriously, you may get engaged as a result of this eclipse—eclipses usually bring big life events that we often long remember afterwards. If you are married, your partner may have exciting news to share, and you both will benefit from it. This is a full moon, so a matter is coming to a final stage, giving you closure.

There is one glitch to this eclipse: Neptune will be in direct out-of-sign opposition to this full moon eclipse, so you must be absolutely sure about the steps you are taking. Hopefully, you will have done your due diligence and know the facts before you commit to a marriage or important contractual business alliance. It’s easy to be tempted to fill in the empty spaces of unknown information with assumptions, and that’s where the trouble can start.

The saving grace to this situation will come from Pluto, which will be highly supportive from his perch in your eleventh house of friends. This shows you should listen to your friends’ opinions about this matter, as their perspective may be sharper than yours in this instance. You seem to be eager to see this through to completion, but maybe you should slow down. The date of the eclipse, March 25, is just a week from April 1, the date Mercury will go retrograde, so your judgment may be off. By March 25, you will be close enough to feel the undertow of an unstable Mercury.

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