Aries Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Aries

by Susan Miller


Mars will be in his last days of Aries, a once-in-two-year privilege, putting you in the center of all that is happening. Mars first entered Aries on April 30, and you still have just over one more week, from June 1 to 8, to use Mars to make an important initiation. Mars will help you succeed.

June 2 is a stand-out day when Jupiter will trine Pluto, a very rare event that fosters beneficial financial news for investing (not gambling). I am not a financial astrologer, so be sure to work with one or more of your financial advisors to get their opinion.

Also, in this critical first week of June, the new moon on June 6 will arrive in your third house of communication and contractual agreements. You may start to be involved in a project involving major writing, editing, public speaking, translating, research, public relations, social media, advertising, coding, negotiating, or other related disciplines. You may get an exciting assignment, for Jupiter just entered this area of your chart on May 25, and you have a glorious year ahead to see your mastery over communication grow.

The lovely new moon of June 6 arrives with her entourage—the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter—so including the new moon, there will be five heavenly bodies in your communication sector—talkative, curious Gemini. This will make June a fast-moving month, with many meetings and the need for you to make quick decisions on the fly. Planets in the third house also suggest that you might decide to take a trip this month—you will be ready for pampering. In fact, if you go, you may visit two neighboring cities. You will like this influence for Gemini is an air sign, and you are a fire sign—Gemini’s air will make your fire burn more brightly.

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