Aries Horoscope for June 2024

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Your Horoscope for Aries

by Susan Miller

Later in the month will be the full moon of June 21 in Capricorn at 1 degree that will culminate an important career matter. This full moon is an interesting one because it will be the first of two full moons that will be in Capricorn. Next month on July 21 you will have ANOTHER full moon in Capricorn—an unusual happenstance that occurs occasionally—this time at 29 degrees that will again brilliantly light your tenth house of honors, awards and achievement. Apparently the coming weeks will put a big emphasis on your career progress.

Let’s concentrate on this month’s full moon, June 21, when the full moon will be at the tip-top of your chart. If you have been interviewing for a job, the answer will come through within four days of June 21. Any job you are interviewing for would be an exceptional position—a step up—with influence and power.

Neptune will be in hard angle to the full moon June 21, so if you are interested in the position, make absolutely sure you understand the range of duties that would be expected of you. Neptune can bring on wishful thinking—you may hear what you want to hear, not what is being told to you—so double-check your view of the job. On the other hand, Mars, your ruler, will be in wide (but significant) heavenly trine to the full moon in your prestigious career house from your financial second house of earned income. This tells me you would be paid well.

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury, all in Cancer, will partner with this full moon, suggesting you will need to consider how you can be available to family while you ease into your new job. This position might need you to juggle home and career, not so easy to do initially, but you can handle your new schedule by applying experience, skill, and care. Next month, on July 21, the second of the two full moons in Capricorn will occur, and it is possible that a portion of Aries readers will hear their final offer or answer then instead—next month. This is especially true if you were born late in the sign, from April 16 to April 19.

This is not a month that heavily emphasizes romance, but nevertheless, you will find the period until June 17 when Venus tours Gemini to be the very best time for you to enjoy love (Venus first entered Gemini last month on May 23). Love may come on a short trip or simply by doing errands around the neighborhood. If you are single, you might meet someone new who is quite intriguing, so always look your best whenever you leave the house.

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