Aries Horoscope for June 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Eclipses always come in pairs, as a full moon and a new moon. Full moon lunar eclipses are often quite emotional. On the other hand, new moon solar eclipses usually have an upbeat, happy effect, for they open opportunity and a new path for months, and possibly years, ahead. Events that happen near eclipses are usually very important. They often denote landmarks in our timeline and bring memories that will be with us a long time.

The next eclipse will arrive June 10 as a new moon solar eclipse in Gemini. This eclipse may trigger another trip and possibly time to see and talk with your sister, brother, or cousin. If you have not been getting along too well with a sibling or cousin, this eclipse may reverse the trend and allow you to come closer again. Gemini, an air sign, blends beautifully with your Aries fire sign.

Saturn will be in perfect angle to the Sun, new moon, and Mercury on June 10, bringing a comforting, stabilizing vibration and a long-term friend who is older than you and mature when it comes to life experiences. This person seems to be quite helpful to you at this eclipse. Neptune, however, will again be in hard angle to the new moon, Sun, and Mercury, so be careful about what you assume, as truth will be hard to decipher.

The sign of this new moon eclipse, Gemini, is the intellectual sign of communication, so clear transmission of thoughts and feelings will be at the forefront of your thinking. The fact that Mercury—ruler of Gemini—will be retrograde until June 22 will not help matters. You will have to double-check your assumptions to be sure you are not hearing something that has not been said. Sometimes, when we expect someone to say something positive that we deeply want to hear, we talk ourselves into hearing those very words. Our brains can play tricks on us. Go the extra mile that you’ve picked up the right message from others. You will also have to be lucid in your communication that you give out to others.

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