Aries Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

On another topic, Saturn in Aquarius will directly oppose the Sun in Leo on August 2, a tough day, but you may feel the strain a little earlier, over the weekend of July 31 to August 1. Don’t schedule anything too strenuous or important over that weekend. This is a challenging aspect, and it could impact your health, so take good care of yourself all month, but especially in the last week of July.

Jupiter, the great good fortune planet, has been vacationing in Pisces since May 13 but will return to Aquarius on July 28. You may also see considerable personal growth by volunteering for a charity or humanitarian organization.

You will be doubly lucky if your birthday falls on April 17 to April 19 this month, for Jupiter will travel in late degrees of Aquarius in perfect “sextile” (opportunity) to your Sun. Jupiter has been in Aquarius from the start of 2021 (having entered December 19, 2020) and only briefly exited the sign to visit Pisces from May 13 to July 28. Jupiter will remain in Aquarius, your sweet spot, as said, until December 28, 2021. You are all set.

Jupiter is retrograde now but will turn direct October 17. The effect of Jupiter retrograde is very mild—not at all like Mercury retrograde. He will retrograde as far as 22 degrees Aquarius, so in the second half of 2021, Jupiter will bring benefits to those Aries born April 11 to April 19. If that is you, the second half of 2021 should be glorious for you.

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