Aries Horoscope for July 2021

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Meanwhile, Saturn will oppose Venus at this new moon, possibly forcing you to do certain work at the office that you didn’t realize was urgent. Saturn always makes us work first, then play later. Knowing this is coming by July 8 or 9, try your hardest to tie up loose ends early in July so that you don’t run into problems on July 9.

Let’s turn now to a golden day of the month, one of the best days of the month, July 12. On this day, Mercury, the planet of communication, will receive shimmering rays from Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck. This is a day to give a speech, be on vacation (because travel will be strongly favored), sign a contract, hand in a manuscript, launch a new product, start a new advertising campaign, or do anything that could be considered part of the communication arts. Social media comes under Mercury too, so give a talk in Clubhouse (Google’s new social media platform, all audio), or sing a song and post it on Tic Tok. Have some fun with this aspect, one of the best aspects of the month.

The full moon of July 23 in Aquarius will draw your attention to a friend who may be depressed about a recent event and need encouragement from you. Pluto will oppose the Sun, so at the same time, you might feel pressure to perform at work while simultaneously taking care of a domestic matter or be concerned about childcare.

The ruler of the full moon in Aquarius is Uranus, and Uranus won’t be getting along well with Saturn, hence, the concern over a friend. The alternative translation of this full moon is that you might have a difference or full-blown argument with a friend. Should that happen and you look closely, the core of the problem will likely stem from the topic of money. It may not be obvious that money is at the center of the discussion, but if you burrow down to the roots, you may discover it.

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