Aries Horoscope for January 2023

Your January Horoscope for Aries

Uranus, planet of surprise, will be friendly to the Sun and full moon, so you may be given an unexpected gift or check from a family member. If you need furniture or new items for your home, January would be an ideal time to browse shops, for you may now get a stunning solution, and at a bargain, too. Mercury will be retrograde until January 18, so you can browse, but don’t buy anything expensive, including electronics, until after Mercury goes direct on January 18 (and leave an extra few days for safety).

The new moon of January 21 in Aquarius will be a peach, and it will see that you receive sudden, unexpected career progress. Saturn rules your solar career sector, so an older, experienced friend may put your name in line for an impressive new job. At the same time, surprise planet Uranus, will play a role at this new moon. The offer to work on a project that starts as a one-time gig could now bloom into a permanent, prestigious position.

Your ruling planet Mars will be in a perfect angle to the new moon on January 21, and this suggests you may get a contract to sign. If your lawyer says the paperwork is ready, wait to sign until a few days after January 18 (when Mercury goes direct, and leave a space of several days after this date to be sure). Your best day to sign will be January 24 when Jupiter and the Sun will be in a gorgeous opportunity aspect that bodes so well for prosperity.

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