Aries Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Aries

Saturn will be like a heavy wet blanket when conjunct the hot fiery Sun, so these two are not natural partners. Anything that might trouble you at this time will start to evaporate. Everybody of every sign will feel this once-a-year event. It’s a time to see reality clearly and accept facts, even if you hoped not to have to do that. Alas, we all have to do that, for it is the only way to live productively.

Keep in mind that that most people you will interact with (of any zodiac sign) will be feeling a little fragile as well, so don’t add more pressure. Also, don’t schedule any important talks on or near February 28 when just about everyone will be viewing the world under a little dark cloud. By the time you get to early March, your outlook will brighten, and your optimism will return.


At work you may have been feeling on display, for your profile is high, and VIPs have been paying attention to your good work. You are doing so well, and as proof, you may be garnering praise, for higher-ups have been pleased with your performance. Mars is your ruler, and for the first time in two years (on January 4), Mars entered your prestigious career house of honors, awards, and achievement. This is the perfect place to have Mars if you hope to make a name for yourself and move foreword. Last month you had a critical new moon on January 11 that opened a portal for you to elevate your professional reputation and status in your industry.

Think back to any conversations you had after last month’s new moon on January 11—those talks may be coming to a new stage, for talks held after that new moon likely held potential for you to advance. In light of what you hear, you may want to shuffle your career priorities, such as to go for a promotion or a new job offer sooner than you planned, or to work hard now to bring in a prestigious new client, with no time to waste.

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