Aries Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Aries

If Valentine’s Day has to be delayed a little for any reason, I have the perfect day for you to celebrate your love with your one-and-only.

On Wednesday, February 21, or Thursday, February 22 (depending on your time zone, both are great days), Venus and Mars will conjoin exactly. Venus longs to be with her lover Mars, and typically they can only meet once a year—and some years they can’t even manage that. I love both days for you—the transiting moon will be in luxury-loving Leo, perfectly compatible with your Aries Sun sign. When the moon is in Leo, it moves through your house of true love. I love these days for you!

On February 24 a full moon in Virgo will appear, so your attention will be drawn back to work, where a major project is reaching fruition.

Love and romance won’t be number one on your mind—work and duties you need to attend to at home will be. Saturn will be moving close to the Sun, to conjoin exactly on February 28 (a tough day), and you will start to feel pressure on you building at this time. The need to be detailed and organized will be strong. Many planets will be stacking up in your twelfth house, suggesting you will have a need for privacy and rest. Make sure you are eating nutritiously, as your body seems to be showing the strain of having to keep up with all your obligations.

The Sun is the natural ruler of your house of love, which also rules children, so if a sweetheart is acting out of sorts or is critical of you, or if a child becomes cranky, allow that person space. A creative project may start to veer off the rails, and it may be hard to figure out how to get it back on track.

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