Aries Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Aries

Two days later on February 9 you have a lovely new moon in Aquarius, 21 degrees, which will bring in a breezy, easy influence that will encourage you to kick back and be with your friends. This new moon will arrive with her partner the Sun, joining Mercury and Pluto, also in Aquarius. This new moon’s arrival suggests that your life won’t be just about work but will allow you time to enjoy the warmth of your friends, who apparently adore you. This influence will be obvious—there will be lots more socializing than you saw in January.

Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) will lead the pack as the most important planet at this new moon, but it will square the Sun and new moon, challenging both from his position in your second house of finances. This suggests your socializing may cost you more than you anticipated, so to avoid sticker shock later, keep looking at your daily transactions on your credit card app. If you start to see balances mount, gently course correct to keep things manageable.

Alternatively, you may have a disagreement with a close friend over money. Uranus acts suddenly and without warning, so watch the words you use, and be sensitive to a friend who might be struggling with money right now. You may be completely unaware that your friend is having a hard time with her finances, and a casual comment may wound her badly without your being aware of this. At the new moon, and for weeks ahead, just be more delicate when talking about money with friends. It is also not the month to loan a friend money, or to borrow money from a friend.

Valentine’s Day will arrive on February 14, and the moon will be in Taurus. That’s not the ideal place for the transiting moon to be for you. However, you will have Mars in Aquarius (as of February 13) and Venus will soon enter this divine-for-Aries sign of Aquarius, too (as of February 16). This will make the day livelier. If you are not dating, being out with others will be fun—there is no reason to stay home.

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