Aries Horoscope for February 2024

Your February Horoscope for Aries

You will not have Mars’ advantage again until December 15, 2025 to January 23, 2026. Until February 13, you have Mars in the perfect place to be noticed and applauded for your efforts.

Also in your tenth house of career is Venus, orbiting quite close to her lover Mars. These are the two most elevated planets in your chart during the first half of February, and they will be showering your chart with a joyous vibration. VIPS will appreciate your efforts and may tell you so.

On February 7 Venus will receive a beautiful message from Uranus, linking your tenth house of career (where Venus is based) to your second house of salary (where Uranus is based). This could trigger wonderful news that more money is on the way to you. This might come as a raise, a one-time fee for a new assignment you are about to do, or if you are self-employed, the appearance of a new, lucrative client who wants to work with you. Business should be brisk around this time, so if you need to ask for a raise, choose Wednesday, February 7. All Aries will partake of this glorious aspect.

In the first half of February you are under spectacular aspects to rise within your organization.

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