Aries Horoscope for February 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now it is true that Mercury, the planet of communication, will go retrograde from February 16 until March 9. That might mean that your best career experiences will arrive from March 10 until March 20. (Actually, leave a few days space from March 9, for it’s never wise to resume normal activities on or near the day Mercury goes direct—that’s when Mercury exerts his wildest behavior.) Wait until then to sign contracts, have big meetings or presentations, or buy expensive machines or electronics.

Still, Mercury retrograde may bring a project back to life—perhaps one that you had to set aside because of a lack of time or money, so now might be the right time to work on it again. Or it may be that you received an offer from another company, but for some reason, it didn’t quite work out. You may find things click now, and you have that desirable second chance.

Will you have time to have fun in February? Yes, absolutely. Put a circle around the full moon in Leo at 20 degrees that will arrive on February 8. That full moon will shine in your fifth house of truelove. Happily, Mars, your ruling planet, will be in ideal angle to your Sun and full moon, encouraging a highly romantic episode. Valentine’s Day will fall on February 14, within the tolerance of the full moon’s influence. It is also possible Valentine’s Day will arrive early for you.

At the time of this sweet full moon, Mars will still occupy your ninth house of travel, so if you are dating or attached, you might take a distant trip together to a romantic city for an unforgettable Valentine’s Day. How about flying to Paris? Or in Italy, Venice, Sienna, or Rome? In the US, Carmel-by-the-Sea or Santa Barbara? In Spain, Seville, or in Canada, Victoria or Quebec City? How about the charming Bruges in Belgium? You can find many options, too many to list, and so consider this idea, for you can weave a beautiful memory with golden threads.

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