Aquarius Horoscope for September 2020

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September 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month seems to be when you’ll center your attention on money matters. You are not a materialistic soul, so devoting time to your financial matters is not something you do with relish. Still, this month you will have the motivation to look at how you’ve been spending, saving, earning, and investing—determined, too, to cut waste—to maximize your financial potential. Your timing is superb because September has both a darling new and full moon that are so special, they come packed with bushels of opportunities.

Let’s first look at the full moon of September 1, falling in Pisces, 10 degrees, that is set to light up your second house of income. Within four days of this full moon you are likely to hear happy news out of the blue that money is on its way to you. This windfall may be connected to a sale of property, money a tenant owes you that is finally being paid, or a court case involving property that is suddenly settled in your favor. Or you may hear that a location scout feels your house is perfect for an upcoming movie or commercial soon to be shot—the fee would be quite a windfall. Things like this happen when you have the sparkling aspects you do at the September 1 full moon.

The part you will love the best about this full moon is that your ruling planet, Uranus, planet of surprise, will act like a benefic uncle who loves you and wants to delight you at this full moon. Everyone will love this full moon, but you will love it more than most. This is why I feel you may see money from a real estate or family situation, because Uranus in currently based in your home sector, the full moon is in your second house of salary, savings, and possessions, and the Sun, at the same time, will receive beams from Uranus in your eighth house of other people’s money.

Jupiter, at the perimeter, will also be anxious to get involved. Jupiter will be of bigger assistance to you on September 9, though, when he will make a phone call to the Sun, a day when the Sun and Jupiter will make a direct aspect. This would be a good day to have a presentation or a job interview, but if you need to sign a contract, I would say do it early in the month, in the first days of September. I will explain why later.

The new moon will also be your friend, September 17, when the new moon and Sun will appear in your eighth house of other people’s money. This new moon could open the door to funds from a bank or venture capitalist, an application for a student loan, or university financial aid. This would also be the time to apply for a mortgage or home improvement loan. If you want to generate investment in your business, or even attract advertisers, this new moon will open the door to sweet financial benefits.

You have three planets—good-fortune Jupiter, stabilizing Saturn, and financially savvy Pluto, which is enormous energy—at your disposal, and what is interesting is that all three planets will be based in your twelfth house of secrets. Clearly, the financial help you get will be in one-on-one meetings behind the scenes (all legal) but in a way that the influential person you meet with will not want you to tell others about the preferential treatment you will be given. You clearly earned the faith that this powerful individual has in you.

This full moon in Aries will put Mars in the lead, and with Mars sending dazzling rays to his lover Venus in Leo, you will have an outstanding chance to enjoy private time for love. If you make plans for that October 1 full moon, you will be glad you did—your memories will be weaved in golden threads.

This new moon could also be used as a perfect time to open talks about company benefits, particularly if you have been interviewing and are close to clinching a new position. If you are in sales and the company is restructuring the commissions, you could have a meaningful and positive discussion with a VIP about how you feel your quotas should be framed. If you are in talks about the division of property in a divorce or the ending of a business with your partner, this new moon will help you accomplish a fair settlement.

I do need to add a warning, however—Mars will clash with this new moon of September 17 from your house of contractual agreements. This means you will have to examine the fine print with the help of your lawyer, for as sure as can be, there will likely be a clause that could come back to bite you if you gloss over it. You will need to be sure all the clauses you and your lawyer find troublesome are discussed and agreed upon.

Mars is currently blazing through your third house of communication, travel, and contractual agreements but will soon start to retrograde, from September 9 to November 13. That’s why I mentioned earlier to sign contracts in the first week so you can avoid Mars’ retrograde. Mars is the gas you put in the rocket ship to get it to the moon, but without that gas, it will simply stay on the launching pad and not lift off. It is well known in astrological texts that it is never wise to start a business or launch a product or service while Mars is retrograde. Mars is the warrior planet that teaches you how to excel and eventually win, but without Mars in a strong position, any venture can feel overwhelming.

When Mars is moving at normal speed, he takes two days to go one degree. As he gets ready to retrograde this month, he will take 12 days to go one degree. Twelve days! In the middle of his retrograde period, he’ll speed up to take four days to go one degree, but that’s still half-speed when compared to his normal pace. You can see why I feel you (and I and everyone else) will feel like we are walking through glue.

There is another reason to delay your product or service introduction (if you can’t introduce it early, in the first week near the full moon of September 1). Mars’ little brother Mercury will also go retrograde from October 13 to November 3. Astrologers know that the three planets we feel the most when retrograde are Mars, Mercury, and Venus. (No worries about Venus—she already went retrograde this year in mid-May to the end of June.) It seems as though the economy will go into a deep freeze. I listen to governors who want to open their cities, but the truth is, with Mars retrograde, we will be beset with delays, redo’s, changes of direction, and other maddening developments, throwing the economy into a standstill.

When I first saw that Mars would be out of phase in September, October, and the first half of November, I was very concerned. Mars’ usual time spent in any one sign is approximately six weeks, but this time we have Mars spending six months in one sign. I thought about how many companies always plan their introductions for these months in anticipation of the year-end holiday shopping season. If that includes you, you would be best to debut your product in the second half of November, as insane as that might sound.

Why would the late months of 2020 bring such a slow, frozen environment? I think it’s due to a virulent second wave of the virus, which I anticipate to be in place from October through early December. Jupiter, which expands all it touches, this year conjoined with Pluto, which rules viruses, and this has been the culprit in the pandemic. They meet every 13 years, and I went into great detail in the forecast I wrote for Pisces in September on about why I feel we have to keep our guard up. You may want to scan what I wrote in the Pisces forecast regarding Jupiter and Pluto.

Jupiter and Pluto met first this year on April 4, and again over June 29-30. You will always feel the conjunction of these two planets from a month before to a month after they meet. In March and April, Italy suffered terribly with the pandemic, as did New York City. In June and especially July, the United States saw a mega-outbreak from Florida, along the southern states through Texas, Arizona, and up through California.

Now, Jupiter and Pluto will meet one more time, November 12. What makes this last conjunction they will make before spinning off their separate ways troubling is that by then, Jupiter and Pluto will both be strong, having come out of retrograde position. Jupiter will go direct September 12, and Pluto will go direct October 4. You will feel the energy of these two planets building throughout October, November, and the first week of December

The good news is that I feel we will have a treatment—medicine, a vaccine, or other technique—to lessen the severity of the coronavirus. (Did you know that the Spanish Flu is still with us? We call it something different—the seasonal flu—and we have a vaccine to greatly lessen the severity of that deadly flu which terrorized millions.) To see us not worry as much about the coronavirus, I need Jupiter and Pluto to separate and be no less than eight degrees apart. Jupiter and Pluto will meet that requirement by Christmas. These two planets will be even farther apart by January 12, so I feel that’s an even better date to anticipate for the end of the worry about the virus. That would make 2021 a much better year than what we have been through this year in 2020.

Backtracking a little, I want to urge not to wait to buy any expensive electronic item—buy it now. In fact, I would like you to buy your new computer, smart phone, or TV, as a few examples, before Mars goes retrograde (September 9 to November 3) and certainly before Mercury goes into his deep sleep from October 13 to November 3. You never want to come too close to a retrograde Mercury when shopping for high-tech items.

As you get close to the last days of September, you will start to feel the energy of the full moon on October 1 in Aries, and you may be able to take a quick overnight trip in the countryside to enjoy the change of seasons. Venus will tour your seventh house of marriage and close, established romantic relationships most of the month. Specifically, Venus will enter Leo on September 6 and stay until October 2. This full moon in Aries will put Mars in the lead, and with Mars sending dazzling rays to his lover Venus in Leo, you will have an outstanding chance to enjoy private time for love. If you make plans for that October 1 full moon, you will be glad you did—your memories will be weaved in golden threads.

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You appear to be working on a writing assignment or are simply dealing with an avalanche of phone calls, Zoom conference meetings, and emails that kept you busy in August. At the end of June, Mars settled into Aries, where Mars is comfortable and powerful because Mars rules Aries. The tricky part about this month is that Mars will start to retrograde September 9 and will remain so until November 13. Mars is the fuel that makes things move rapidly, and the ancient astrologers called Mars the timekeeper of the zodiac.

During this time, starting immediately, you will need to listen and read carefully all that is communicated to you. If you move ahead without thinking things through or without double-checking with the client or your manager about what you are expected to do, you may go down the wrong lane and will need to backtrack. Do-overs are common when Mars is retrograde. Do not sign a contract when Mars is retrograde (September 9 to November 13) and certainly not with Mercury retrograde (October 13 to November 3) either. (Yes, Mercury is going to retrograde in the middle of Mars’ retrograde.)

The VIP you need to please may not be clear about what precisely she wants, only adding to the confusion, so nothing will move quickly. The remedy is to keep communicating and then to summarize in writing what you understand you are being asked to do. You will note a sluggish pace, not only in your life but in society in general. If you have a product or service to launch, do it in late November or December, no sooner.

Finances will take up a lot of your attention this month, too. The full moon of September 1 will bring a salary or fee matter to culmination. Happily, this will be one of the most generous full moons of the year. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, will be in perfect support of the moon from your home and family sector. If you have had worries about the cost of a renovation or were concerned about whether you will be able to sell or buy property at the price you had in mind, you may be thrilled and surprised by news you receive within four days of this full moon.

If you need a mortgage or want to refinance your present mortgage, Jupiter will help you, so you will see your negotiation with your bank go smoothly. If you are a rental tenant and need to negotiate with your landlord, again, you will have stellar aspects to help you within four days of the full moon, September 1, and also on September 9, when Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will help you in a spectacular way as well. When it comes to money, early September will please you. If you have plans for your home or other property, your date or spouse will admire and support your ideas, which will be quite a relief.

Decisions and actions that you draw up in the first half of the month will start to take exciting shape after the new moon, September 17. Again, money will be the key focus, and you will need to clarify several points of the plan you lay out to your sponsor or banker. Neptune will oppose the new moon, indicating some of the points may be misunderstood by you or the party with whom you are speaking. Any deal you enter into will require the services of an attorney—do not try to save money by skipping that step. If you do, quite the opposite will happen—you will need to spend even more money later to fix things if you don’t hire a lawyer, for Neptune, which can cause confusion, rules your house of personal income and savings and will oppose the Sun, so the deal has a high chance of coming back to bite you if all the pieces of the contract are not in place.

When it comes to romance, attached Aquarians have the edge, for Venus is in Leo, adding affection and fun with your steady amour or spouse. If you are single, you have good reason for hope. The eclipses have moved into Sagittarius-Gemini, and the first occurred a few months ago on June 5. The more important one for your love life will come on November 30. (The last eclipse of 2020 will arrive on December 14 but will emphasize your friendships, parties, and other social events.)

More eclipses in Sagittarius-Gemini are due in 2021. Those will boost your social life in a big way, for eclipses are the most dramatic action the universe takes to create change, improvement, and in many cases, opportunity. Eclipses come by every six months in pairs, always as arriving as a new moon solar eclipse and a full moon lunar eclipse separated by two weeks. If you are currently dating but not sure if you should continue the relationship, the eclipses will easily help you decide by bringing forth information and clarity.

Be patient—true love could be on the way soon if it has not already arrived. Whether you stay with the one you are with or meet someone new, your love relationship is poised to take on an entirely new vibrancy.

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