Aquarius Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Decisions and actions that you draw up in the first half of the month will start to take exciting shape after the new moon, September 17. Again, money will be the key focus, and you will need to clarify several points of the plan you lay out to your sponsor or banker. Neptune will oppose the new moon, indicating some of the points may be misunderstood by you or the party with whom you are speaking. Any deal you enter into will require the services of an attorney—do not try to save money by skipping that step. If you do, quite the opposite will happen—you will need to spend even more money later to fix things if you don’t hire a lawyer, for Neptune, which can cause confusion, rules your house of personal income and savings and will oppose the Sun, so the deal has a high chance of coming back to bite you if all the pieces of the contract are not in place.

When it comes to romance, attached Aquarians have the edge, for Venus is in Leo, adding affection and fun with your steady amour or spouse. If you are single, you have good reason for hope. The eclipses have moved into Sagittarius-Gemini, and the first occurred a few months ago on June 5. The more important one for your love life will come on November 30. (The last eclipse of 2020 will arrive on December 14 but will emphasize your friendships, parties, and other social events.)

More eclipses in Sagittarius-Gemini are due in 2021. Those will boost your social life in a big way, for eclipses are the most dramatic action the universe takes to create change, improvement, and in many cases, opportunity. Eclipses come by every six months in pairs, always as arriving as a new moon solar eclipse and a full moon lunar eclipse separated by two weeks. If you are currently dating but not sure if you should continue the relationship, the eclipses will easily help you decide by bringing forth information and clarity.

Be patient—true love could be on the way soon if it has not already arrived. Whether you stay with the one you are with or meet someone new, your love relationship is poised to take on an entirely new vibrancy.

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