Aquarius Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

During this time, starting immediately, you will need to listen and read carefully all that is communicated to you. If you move ahead without thinking things through or without double-checking with the client or your manager about what you are expected to do, you may go down the wrong lane and will need to backtrack. Do-overs are common when Mars is retrograde. Do not sign a contract when Mars is retrograde (September 9 to November 13) and certainly not with Mercury retrograde (October 13 to November 3) either. (Yes, Mercury is going to retrograde in the middle of Mars’ retrograde.)

The VIP you need to please may not be clear about what precisely she wants, only adding to the confusion, so nothing will move quickly. The remedy is to keep communicating and then to summarize in writing what you understand you are being asked to do. You will note a sluggish pace, not only in your life but in society in general. If you have a product or service to launch, do it in late November or December, no sooner.

Finances will take up a lot of your attention this month, too. The full moon of September 1 will bring a salary or fee matter to culmination. Happily, this will be one of the most generous full moons of the year. Uranus, Aquarius’ ruler, will be in perfect support of the moon from your home and family sector. If you have had worries about the cost of a renovation or were concerned about whether you will be able to sell or buy property at the price you had in mind, you may be thrilled and surprised by news you receive within four days of this full moon.

If you need a mortgage or want to refinance your present mortgage, Jupiter will help you, so you will see your negotiation with your bank go smoothly. If you are a rental tenant and need to negotiate with your landlord, again, you will have stellar aspects to help you within four days of the full moon, September 1, and also on September 9, when Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will help you in a spectacular way as well. When it comes to money, early September will please you. If you have plans for your home or other property, your date or spouse will admire and support your ideas, which will be quite a relief.

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