Aquarius Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

There is another reason to delay your product or service introduction (if you can’t introduce it early, in the first week near the full moon of September 1). Mars’ little brother Mercury will also go retrograde from October 13 to November 3. Astrologers know that the three planets we feel the most when retrograde are Mars, Mercury, and Venus. (No worries about Venus—she already went retrograde this year in mid-May to the end of June.) It seems as though the economy will go into a deep freeze. I listen to governors who want to open their cities, but the truth is, with Mars retrograde, we will be beset with delays, redo’s, changes of direction, and other maddening developments, throwing the economy into a standstill.

When I first saw that Mars would be out of phase in September, October, and the first half of November, I was very concerned. Mars’ usual time spent in any one sign is approximately six weeks, but this time we have Mars spending six months in one sign. I thought about how many companies always plan their introductions for these months in anticipation of the year-end holiday shopping season. If that includes you, you would be best to debut your product in the second half of November, as insane as that might sound.

Why would the late months of 2020 bring such a slow, frozen environment? I think it’s due to a virulent second wave of the virus, which I anticipate to be in place from October through early December. Jupiter, which expands all it touches, this year conjoined with Pluto, which rules viruses, and this has been the culprit in the pandemic. They meet every 13 years, and I went into great detail in the forecast I wrote for Pisces in September on about why I feel we have to keep our guard up. You may want to scan what I wrote in the Pisces forecast regarding Jupiter and Pluto.

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