Aquarius Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This new moon could also be used as a perfect time to open talks about company benefits, particularly if you have been interviewing and are close to clinching a new position. If you are in sales and the company is restructuring the commissions, you could have a meaningful and positive discussion with a VIP about how you feel your quotas should be framed. If you are in talks about the division of property in a divorce or the ending of a business with your partner, this new moon will help you accomplish a fair settlement.

I do need to add a warning, however—Mars will clash with this new moon of September 17 from your house of contractual agreements. This means you will have to examine the fine print with the help of your lawyer, for as sure as can be, there will likely be a clause that could come back to bite you if you gloss over it. You will need to be sure all the clauses you and your lawyer find troublesome are discussed and agreed upon.

Mars is currently blazing through your third house of communication, travel, and contractual agreements but will soon start to retrograde, from September 9 to November 13. That’s why I mentioned earlier to sign contracts in the first week so you can avoid Mars’ retrograde. Mars is the gas you put in the rocket ship to get it to the moon, but without that gas, it will simply stay on the launching pad and not lift off. It is well known in astrological texts that it is never wise to start a business or launch a product or service while Mars is retrograde. Mars is the warrior planet that teaches you how to excel and eventually win, but without Mars in a strong position, any venture can feel overwhelming.

When Mars is moving at normal speed, he takes two days to go one degree. As he gets ready to retrograde this month, he will take 12 days to go one degree. Twelve days! In the middle of his retrograde period, he’ll speed up to take four days to go one degree, but that’s still half-speed when compared to his normal pace. You can see why I feel you (and I and everyone else) will feel like we are walking through glue.

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