Aquarius Horoscope for September 2020

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Jupiter, at the perimeter, will also be anxious to get involved. Jupiter will be of bigger assistance to you on September 9, though, when he will make a phone call to the Sun, a day when the Sun and Jupiter will make a direct aspect. This would be a good day to have a presentation or a job interview, but if you need to sign a contract, I would say do it early in the month, in the first days of September. I will explain why later.

The new moon will also be your friend, September 17, when the new moon and Sun will appear in your eighth house of other people’s money. This new moon could open the door to funds from a bank or venture capitalist, an application for a student loan, or university financial aid. This would also be the time to apply for a mortgage or home improvement loan. If you want to generate investment in your business, or even attract advertisers, this new moon will open the door to sweet financial benefits.

You have three planets—good-fortune Jupiter, stabilizing Saturn, and financially savvy Pluto, which is enormous energy—at your disposal, and what is interesting is that all three planets will be based in your twelfth house of secrets. Clearly, the financial help you get will be in one-on-one meetings behind the scenes (all legal) but in a way that the influential person you meet with will not want you to tell others about the preferential treatment you will be given. You clearly earned the faith that this powerful individual has in you.

This full moon in Aries will put Mars in the lead, and with Mars sending dazzling rays to his lover Venus in Leo, you will have an outstanding chance to enjoy private time for love. If you make plans for that October 1 full moon, you will be glad you did—your memories will be weaved in golden threads.

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