Aquarius Horoscope for September 2020

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September 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This month seems to be when you’ll center your attention on money matters. You are not a materialistic soul, so devoting time to your financial matters is not something you do with relish. Still, this month you will have the motivation to look at how you’ve been spending, saving, earning, and investing—determined, too, to cut waste—to maximize your financial potential. Your timing is superb because September has both a darling new and full moon that are so special, they come packed with bushels of opportunities.

Let’s first look at the full moon of September 1, falling in Pisces, 10 degrees, that is set to light up your second house of income. Within four days of this full moon you are likely to hear happy news out of the blue that money is on its way to you. This windfall may be connected to a sale of property, money a tenant owes you that is finally being paid, or a court case involving property that is suddenly settled in your favor. Or you may hear that a location scout feels your house is perfect for an upcoming movie or commercial soon to be shot—the fee would be quite a windfall. Things like this happen when you have the sparkling aspects you do at the September 1 full moon.

The part you will love the best about this full moon is that your ruling planet, Uranus, planet of surprise, will act like a benefic uncle who loves you and wants to delight you at this full moon. Everyone will love this full moon, but you will love it more than most. This is why I feel you may see money from a real estate or family situation, because Uranus in currently based in your home sector, the full moon is in your second house of salary, savings, and possessions, and the Sun, at the same time, will receive beams from Uranus in your eighth house of other people’s money.

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