Aquarius Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If someone owes you money, much to your surprise, you may hear that you will be paid back this month. If you applied for a mortgage, you could be preparing the paperwork to send your broker so you can close on a new house or condo. In another scenario, you might be working on taxes or negotiating a payment plan concerning back taxes or student loans. When it comes to money, you seem to be outstandingly favored, so enter all talks with a spirit of optimism.

Some Aquarians have had problems with a real estate matter and have had to either negotiate with a contractor about work done previously or bring legal action because you weren’t happy with work done (or that was left unfinished). If this applies to you, you will do well in talks during the first half of September, so open talks quickly. You will also find favor in legal actions, but time is of the essence. Despite your fears that you will have to accept a devastating loss, you could suddenly see everything turn to your advantage. When you hear the news, it may seem like a miracle.

The full moon will fall in Pisces on September 13 and finish up your meditations and negotiations about money. If your financial talks depend on trusting the ledgers of your business partner or soon-to-be-ex, at this full moon you may uncover a discrepancy in the figures. Demand to see backup and dig deeper. Neptune will conjoin the full moon, bringing truth to the surface rapidly like a geyser. Pluto will protect you from his position behind the scenes at this full moon—it looks like you have someone watching out for your interests, but this person wants to maintain a low profile, so you may not know this person’s identity.

With the powerful emphasis on money most of the month, the new moon at month’s end, September 28, will be very welcome, for it will allow you to travel far. You might travel to see a friend or travel with your friend. Jupiter’s involvement with Venus also tends to bring luxurious accommodations and broadening experience. Being that this new moon is in Libra, a fellow air sign like yours, it will feel like it has been tailor-made for you.

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