Aquarius Horoscope for September 2019

Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now let’s talk about the full moon on September 13 in Pisces at 21 degrees, which will bring financial matters to a conclusion. This full moon will be supported in tight degree by the financial planet Pluto, which suggests you might conclude talks or an application that brings you a very large one-time bundle of money, or where you may receive a considerable raise in salary. Pluto is associated with banks, the government, and global, multinational deals, so for example, you may receive an infusion of venture capital at this full moon or benefit from a government program, such as a program for veterans or those who run small businesses and need a loan.

Neptune will conjunct the full moon and oppose Mars on September 13, so despite such lovely, supportive aspects at this full moon, you still must look at every detail of anything you agree to mid-month. Read a contract before you sign it, of course, but first, have a lawyer look at it—with a magnifying glass.

With Neptune so prominent, you need to find out if any clauses are confusing, or worse, missing. By missing I mean that the contract may not have included a contingency that may come up, and if it does, no one would know what to do and chaos could ensue. I always look at my contracts first, put marks on them that I want to discuss, and then go over them with my lawyer. If you do that regularly, you will begin to think like a lawyer, and together, you and your lawyer can find all the weak links in the agreement.

Saturn has been in retrograde since April 29 but will go direct on September 18. If you feel certain parts of your life have been in limbo, this is good news, for Saturn will noticeably create momentum after Saturn moves forward. When planets move from retrograde to direct, they all seem to temporarily stop and hang like a lantern in space as they press on their internal engines to go in the opposite direction.

In astrology, these stationary periods I just described are a very potent time and one that will provide a major clue to what comes next. Usually, the clue will be delivered very close to the day the planet—in this case, Saturn—turns direct. That would be September 18, but it could come as early as September 8 or as late as September 28.

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