Aquarius Horoscope for September 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As the month begins, you may still be mulling over events that took place last month. The eclipses occurred then, and the first one, a full moon lunar eclipse in Aquarius, 15 degrees, brought something dearly important to you to fullness. If your birthday falls on February 3, or close to that date, you likely found that eclipse to be noticeable in your life.

The second eclipse, a total eclipse of the Sun, came next, in Leo 29 degrees on August 21, and focused on your house of marriage and business partnerships. You usually prefer to be alone, independent and unshackled by binding commitments, but now, you seem to be seeing that you might get closer to a goal if you team up with the right person. Of course, part of this trend covers marriage, and if you want children, that is the traditional route to capture that dream.

The new moon solar eclipse of August 21 was very friendly to your sign, and if your birthday falls near the end of Aquarius, say, on February 17 or 18, or near those dates, you would have noticed developments arising in your life regarding partnerships. Eclipses have a way of shining truth into situations, so you may have become engaged when you found that your partner truly loves you and that you love your partner, and that the thought of going through life without the person you love is too painful to imagine. A realization like this could make the decision clear – it is time to wed. You did get clarity about your relationship last month, and will get more information this month.

Alternatively, in business, you may have found the perfect person to help you get ahead, whether that be a business partner, manager, publicist, social media manager, director of advertising sales, web designer, advertising director, head of sales – there are any number of people you can collaborate with in business, and perhaps you have found the one person who will be just right for what you are trying to achieve.

August 21 was a friendly new moon solar eclipse, so no matter how it worked out in your life, I feel it would work to benefit you. Some Aquarius readers wrote to me on Twitter (@astrologyzone) and Facebook (Susan Miller) to say that they broke up and that it was not a good eclipse for them. (Others said it was the best day of their lives.) It is true that that eclipse opened a new road in the area of partnership, but I cannot see all in your chart, and you may have been born with a certain aspect that detracted from that eclipse. Or, more likely, it may be that the breakup was the best thing for you.

The job of an eclipse is to get progress. It sweeps away all that is no longer of future value to you, and to that end, an eclipse can sweep out a relationship that is basically weak. This opens the basket of your life so that you can find someone better suited to you, with goals that match your own.

There is no doubt that eclipses, if they hit your birthday Sun, rising sign, moon, or other planet in your chart by degree (within five degrees), they are the most dramatic tool the universe uses to create progress and to pull you out of stagnant situations that made you feel stuck. I always say, before you pronounce an eclipse good or bad, wait a while. All eclipses have a second act, but you can’t see the big picture at the time of the eclipse, for much cosmic dust is kicked up. Let things settle before you decide how things are going, for more will be revealed to you.

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