Aquarius Horoscope for October 2019

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Travel is written all over your horoscope, so if you can find a way to take a trip—long or short distance—it would do you a world of good. Your mind is hungry for new experiences, and to hear new sounds and see new colors. Happy little heavenly bodies in your ninth house are urging you to go. In that house, you have Mercury (news and learning), Venus (happiness), and the new moon, with her partner, the Sun, bringing you opportunity. That new moon appeared on September 28, just two days before the start of October, and it was sending sweet vibrations.

Mars finishes up his work in your financial eighth house and joins the planets already in your ninth house of travel and learning on October 3. Mars is associated with high energy and action. This move to your ninth house will immediately lower the high expenses you coped with in late August and September, and give you a longer window for travel, from October 3 to November 18. You might be planning a long trip now, or you may be leaving any minute. If you can’t go anywhere until next month, think about including November 12 as one of your best days to be away, when Mars and Jupiter will combine forces—you will have such fun.

If you have small children, or for a variety of reasons you can’t travel to a distant point now, you can find other ways to experience the stimulation you crave. You might take a college class once a week, say, on philosophy, astronomy, poetry, creative writing, or art history, as some examples, or you can take cooking lessons on cuisine you’ve always enjoyed and want to make at home. Also, bookshops have regular lectures given by authors at their book signings, and those are free. Take in a museum exhibit that everyone’s been talking about, or see a movie with French subtitles, and pretend you are traveling in Paris.

Associated with this trend is favor related to immigration goals. This new moon will give you the perfect time to start the process of acquiring your green card, visa, or new citizenship in another country. The first ten days of October would be your optimal moment to begin for the best luck.

If you work in the media, specifically in publishing, broadcasting, or the Internet, you could now see an interesting assignment come in that involves research you will enjoy doing because it will bring you into a new realm, and you will find this work refreshing.

The full moon of October 13 will bring you more opportunities to travel, and this time, closer to home, within say, a short two-hour drive. If you live in northern hemisphere cities, you might want to check out the fall foliage, which often peaks in mid-October in America, in the northeast, specifically in New England. Any location—not only one that offers fall foliage—would be fun to explore.

Your ace in the hole when it comes to career is Pluto, the ruler of your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements. Pluto has been retrograding since April 24 of this year and will go direct this month on October 2-3. This will be an enormous help to your job hunt or your desire for advancement, or to receive positive press publicity from now on.

Here is why I am so excited about your possibilities for this weekend: a full moon in Libra will always put Venus, it’s ruler, front and center. As luck would have it, on September 28, Venus received golden rays from Jupiter, the great benefic, ensuring a pampering time for you to be away. That aspect will continue to exert its charming flow throughout the first part of the month, until October 10, because it formed part of the new moon.

If your birthday falls on January 25, plus or minus five days, this new moon in Libra that appeared on September 28 (and is strong for the first ten days in October) will be marvelous for you and present many opportunities. The same advice applies, if you have Aquarius rising, at five degrees, the natal moon in Aquarius, at five degrees, or a natal planet in Aquarius, at five degrees, in all cases, plus or minus five degrees.

The full moon of October 13 coincides with the Columbus Day holiday in America, a day many people have off. If you don’t live in America for most of my readers don’t—Google Analytics tells me that 52% of my readers live outside the US—so in that case, ask if you can take one extra vacation day, on Monday, October 14. That day would be a lovely addition to a glorious weekend away. See if you can make it happen.

Over this weekend, from Friday, October 11 to Monday, October 14, you may want to take a drive into the country. All full moons have an area of influence four days after the full moon appears, but these dates will be your best days. The third house, which will be brilliantly lit, also rules your sister, brother, and cousin, as well as other relatives, so you might drive to see a family member over this weekend. If you do go away, you will be in the mood to stay at a splurge hotel or charming bed and breakfast.

You might receive a contract to sign as you approach the full moon of October 13, and if so, first, show the contract to your lawyer. Try to move things along so that you can sign on October 13 or being that is a Sunday, do so October 15, another sparkling day. The Sun and benefic Jupiter will be in ideal harmony, a fantastic aspect that would give your agreement a firm, profitable foundation. That’s a Sunday, but you can sign on Tuesday, October 15, after the weekend is over, and still reap the benefits of Jupiter and the Sun, and at the same time, a lovely beam between Mercury (agreements) and Saturn (long-term stability).

If your birthday falls on February 9, plus or minus five days, you will do exceptionally well over the full moon weekend of October 12-13. This is a full moon made just for you! The same is true if you have Aquarius at 20 degrees rising, the natal moon at 20 degrees, or a natal planet in Aquarius, Libra, or Gemini at 20 degrees, and in all cases, allow a tolerance of a plus or minus five degrees.

There will be an urgency to get things done early in the month because Mercury will go retrograde starting October 31 and continue until November 20. You will feel the impending slowdown that this planet is known to bring when out of phase as early as October 21.

It is true that Mercury retrograde brings lots of frustrations because postponements, cancellations, delays, and misunderstandings will often crop up. We have to be more deliberate during these phases, because we all tend to rush and at the same time become more forgetful. Leaving your retirement financial investment statement open on your desk when you are suddenly called to a meeting is not good—soon the entire department will have a copy of it due to someone’s prying eyes. Hitting the reply all button on your email can bring an embarrassing situation when someone on that email should never have seen your frank response. You get the idea.

Keep in mind that if you need a new computer, smartphone, TV, automobile, electronic game or table, or any other electronic item or machine with moving parts, avoid doing so with Mercury retrograde. You will likely regret making that purchase later—it will not deliver the joy you anticipate it will when you get it. Buy your item in the first half of October or wait until the end of November.  In America, we have Black Friday on November 29 and Cyber Monday on December 2 (some countries have followed America’s lead). Both days will offer great prices on a wide variety of items—one of the products may be exactly what you hoped to find. Mercury will have concluded the retrograde, so you will have an open road to choose a new electronic.

Now I need to discuss a difficult new moon, due on Sunday, October 27, and influential until November 8. Your chart is complex, and I have to be careful not to overstate the problems that might come up at this new moon. Many Aquarians have been writing to me on Twitter (my favorite social media platform, @AstrologyZone, verified) and on Instagram (also @AstrologyZone, verified, because there are too many Susan Millers) and on Facebook (Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone). You have been telling me how hard it has been to find a new job.

The new moon of October 27 would usually be your best point in the year to find a high-level position, a better one than you had before. However, this new moon will be under siege by your ruling planet Uranus, the planet of all things unpredictable. Out of the blue, something seems to go wrong that you will need to fix. You won’t have any warning that this is coming—because the troublemaking planet is your ruler, it may have a stronger impact.

The moon rules your workaday projects, so if you are employed, it may be that something you are working on will need attention. If you have a business partner, agent, or manager or someone else that acts like a middleman, this person might be part of the discussion, and possibly the one causing some stress.

Uranus is based in your house of home and family, so it might be that a dream job may come up but conflicts with the needs of your family—your children, spouse, or your mother or father—and so you might hesitate to take it because you are already handling a lot of responsibility.

Another possibility is that the job might ask you to move to a distant city, setting up more deliberations about what to do. In truth, the move would likely help your chances of success. If such a job does come up, don’t wave off the opportunity. You might be able to hire people to help you care for your parents if you land an appreciably higher salary.

The fact that Mercury will be ready to go retrograde on October 31, shortly after the October 27 new moon, also concerns me. This might indicate that the job description will change later, and perhaps not in a way that will be to your liking. Mercury is always the wildest child at the start and end date of the retrograde, so you will have to ask a lot of questions before you accept anything new. If you have been out of work for a long time, you should simply take the job, because if you find later you don’t like it as much as you hoped, you can always leave to find a new job. It’s always easier to find a job when you already have one.

I will be checking my Twitter account (@astrologyzone) to hear your stories about this new moon for I am very interested in the type of situation you might face. I hope it is an easy one and that none of the possible downsides of this aspect will affect you!


You had a lot of money management to think about, so if you yearn to fly free to a distant land, that would be understandable. A getaway would be good for you, for you would return home refreshed and ready to take on the world.

The month opens with four heavenly bodies—Venus Mercury, and the Sun and the new moon (this new moon appeared September 28, still strong as you enter October, all orbiting in the supremely compatible sign to yours, Libra). If you dream of heading to the airport, buying a rail ticket, or driving on a beautiful country road fringed with fall foliage painted in an array of brilliant colors with nature’s paintbrush, you will be able to go.

If you do travel at the start of the month, your earlier trip won’t completely sate your appetite for travel—you will want more. Over the beautiful full moon on the weekend of October 12-13, you will again be on the road, this time to a setting closer to home. You might travel to see your sister or brother, aunt or uncle, cousin, or beloved in-law. This is a happy full moon, and you will enjoy your time away.

There is also the possibility that you will want to see a parent at this time, perhaps because you’ve been busy and feel you want to reconnect. If you find you cannot take this little trip, it may be because you are moving or working on your apartment and need to supervise workers. The theme of home and family will be prominent and seems to be mixed with travel, too.

You may have a fascinating career opportunity at the new moon in Scorpio, on October 27, one that would elevate your stature in your industry. This will be the best time of all of 2019 for you to be seeking employment, for the job you would find to interview for would a step up, with more responsibility and influence. It would allow you a way to showcase your creativity and unusual way of approaching work. You will impress VIPs who will talk well of you behind closed doors, as they huddle together to design your offer.

Here is the quandary that you might face this month: the new position would make good use of your talents and compensate you generously, but that is only one side of the equation. Uranus, your ruler, will be in exact opposition to the transiting Sun and new moon. When and if you land this high-level job (and chances are good that you will receive an offer), you may hesitate because of your living situation, for it might mean relocating. Along those lines, you could wonder if it is wise to move far away from your beloved parents who rely on your care as they grow older.

You may, however, have a different meditation. It may be that the person you have been dating for a long time will not want you to take the job for it might separate the two of you to different cities, making it impossible for you to be together. These are not easy questions to answer, and it all will come down to your priorities. What is most important to you, dear Aquarius?

Mercury will retrograde from October 31 to November 20 in your tenth house of prestigious career, so do everything in your power to accept any new offer you might receive early in October. If you accept a job during Mercury retrograde, your job description will likely change after you begin the job in a way that does not please you. On the other hand, if you have been out of work for a while and desperately want to work again, you may want to take it. You might like the changes that you encounter later, and if you don’t, you can always change jobs again eventually. It’s always easier to get a job after you have a job.

Your ace in the hole when it comes to career is Pluto, the ruler of your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievements, and the house where the October 27 new moon will fall. Pluto has been retrograding since April 24 of this year and will go direct this month on October 2-3. This will be an enormous help to your job hunt or your desire for advancement, or to receive positive press publicity from now on. Pluto won’t go retrograde again until late April 2020. Watch the days surrounding October 2-3 for signs of better days to come—if you watch closely, you will see a clue of what’s ahead.

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