Aquarius Horoscope for October 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

The news is exciting and will likely be very welcome! Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, will move into Scorpio on October 10 and light your tenth house of fame and honors for a whopping thirteen months, until November 8, 2018. Jupiter is the great planet of good fortune and reward. Jupiter brings happiness, growth, and prosperity, and he asks nothing in return – Jupiter only wants to make you thrilled with the opportunities that will start to come your way.

All the work you put in over the past twelve years, since the last time Jupiter visited this part of your chart from October 2005 to November 2006, will come into play now. You are about to see considerable professional reward for our experience, savvy judgment, management style, and your ideas and ingenuity during the coming weeks and months. You will get access to influential people that you did not have before. You may also meet dignified, learned leaders from many walks of life, from academia to business, high tech, government, and creative fields.

The tenth house is your reputation, and ultimately your legacy in the world. It represents your ultimate contribution to society. While the other work-related house of your chart, the sixth house, rules the day-to-day work you do (the assignments), and how you do them (your tools, such as your computers and software), where you do your work (your office or other workplace), and with whom (your assistants and your team), the tenth house is the sum of all you do in your lifetime, the prestige and honors you gain, and how people of importance value your work. In short, it is the place that reflects your legacy that you are building throughout your life.

The tenth house reflects achievements that are hard won over time – luck tends to have little to do with the victories you score in this area of your chart. In ancient days, ancient astrologers used to call this the house of dignity, or the house of world leaders or leadership. It is what you achieve in your lifetime that will have lasting value, for Saturn, the planet of stability and longevity, is naturally associated with this house.

The fascinating part of this place in your horoscope chart is that the tenth house points to your family traditions and the many generations that came before you, and those who will subsequently come after. The person you are today, and perhaps the work that you do or will do, may have been shaped by the generations of your family who came before, for it brings into play your lineage.

We look to the tenth house to see the influence of the mother or the father, whoever had the greatest influence on your choice of career (originally or over time). Again, the influence of the parent almost always leaves an imprint, large or small.

The tenth house also shows how you fulfill your destiny in your chosen area of expertise and how you turn yourself into an authority in your field. You can choose how big you want to be – you can be president of the Parent-Teachers Association, or General Secretary of the United Nations. You are valued in any role you choose for yourself.

Jupiter is now in Scorpio, and for Aquarius and those with Aquarius rising, Scorpio rules the tenth house. Scorpio is a sign known to excel in the ability to dig deep, to uncover truth, to do careful research, and because you are a street smart Aquarian, you put disparate pieces of a puzzle together to create an answer that eludes others. You are superb at understanding others’ motives. You are the investigative reporter, and the prosecutor, uncovering scandal and bringing the perpetrators to justice. No one can lie to a Scorpio – nor to you, for you have Scorpio in such a prominent place in your solar chart.

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