Aquarius Horoscope for November 2019

A Note from Susan Miller


Dear Reader:

Here we are in November already! Thanks goodness, even allowing with Mercury retrograde until November 20, this will be a far better month than October turned out to be.

I have been working on many surprises for you. I just debuted my work on, which is a site and shop run by the elegant Jung Lee. She carries the most beautiful important china, silver, crystal, and more. Vogue loves Jung and raves about her sense of style.

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

As you begin November, Mars is still energizing your ninth house of distant travel, a place Mars moved into last month on October 3 and will continue to tour until November 18. This suggests you will be heading to the airport and traveling to a distant city soon. Even if you traveled in October, you still might do so again in November.

This same portion of your chart might additionally find you focused on one of the following areas: academia, a legal matter, immigration or green card, visa or passport, or concentrating on writing, editing, or being the subject of a media story. If you haven’t been involved in any of these areas and haven’t traveled in October, then you will have another shot at one of these topics in November’s first three weeks.

Once Mars leaves Libra, Mars will energize your tenth house of career honors, awards, and achievements. I am happy to report this, for many Aquarians have written to me on Twitter and Instagram (I am @astrologyzone) saying that they were either dissatisfied with their present jobs and frustrated that they couldn’t find a new job, or they reported that they were unable to get work after having been downsized. Another portion of Aquarians who reported being unhappy with their present job said that they were hesitant to make a move in case they didn’t like the new position and then were trapped in it.

My own rule is never to make a decision out of fear. You won’t hear me say, “I was too afraid to do this or that, so I stood still.” In most cases, that’s not an ideal stance. I feel you have to approach life energetically and courageously. My mother, Little Mom, used to say no decision is still a decision—just be sure it’s the right one. There is an opposite axiom that says, “When in doubt do nothing,” and that works when a situation is still developing and where you need more information. That motto can’t be used for everything.

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