Aquarius Horoscope for November 2017

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

This is the month you have long awaited for your career! It took 12 years for this day to arrive, but now you are at the gate. The Sun, new moon, Venus, and Jupiter will be shining like a brilliant beacon at the very top of your chart in your tenth house of honors,
awards, achievement, and fame. Jupiter arrived there last month, set to stay a year, and the other heavenly bodies have gathered there to boost his effect.

While it is always possible that wonderful publicity or a big job offer will come to you without your lifting a finger, the way astrology works best is to scout what you want and ask for it. First, before I tell you about this most special new moon of the year for your career, I want to tell you about two other blue-ribbon days that will arrive before the new moon so you can circle them on your calendar, also related to all the career success you can take advantage of now.

On Monday, November 13,
Jupiter and Venus will combine forces, an annual event that happens on a single day, and these two happy planets always meet in a different sign each year.
This time these two sparkling planets will align in Scorpio and dust you with a flurry of gold confetti from your prestigious tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. You might want to have your bottle of champagne on ice, just in case this day proves to be every bit as special as I feel it can be for you.

November 13 would be a great day to have an interview for a new prestigious job or to meet with a reporter to talk about the newsworthy project you recently completed. You might want to enter your work in a contest or award show, or ask for a reference of someone top level. You might want to launch a new venture or open the doors of a new business. There are so many possibilities! On this day, you will be the apple of the eye of a VIP who will want to see you do well.

Three days later, on Thursday,
November 16, you will have another day that might also turn out to be special for your career, especially if you work in the creative arts. Venus will be working closely with Neptune. In addition to applying for a job, this would be a perfect day to get your professional photograph taken or to appear on television, for Venus will boost your career, and Neptune will make the silver image of you dazzle.

Two days after that golden day, the new moon of November 18 will arrive, one of the big centerpieces of the month. It will be a glorious new moon in Scorpio, 26 degrees. Make November 18 your target date to be ready for the big career breakthrough. You have plenty of time to polish you resume and purchase your new interview outfit. You might alternatively decide to give a major presentation or throw a celebration for your business anniversary – and invite the press. Venus and Jupiter will see to it that your popularity with higher-ups will reach all time highs.

If you are not happy where you are working now, don’t let this dazzling cosmic day fade without using it.
This day will open a portal of two weeks, and what you do during that time – even by taking a baby step – can open you to a new life. Take full advantage, dear Aquarius. To see to it that you do well in coming months, on December 9 active Mars will enter your tenth house too, and continue to put a big spotlight on you until end of January. These aspects will help you fulfill the promise of what you always felt you could contribute to others. The actions you take in the ten days that follow November 18 can have a continuing effect you for the entire year, until the next new moon can come back to refresh this new moon’s energy.

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