Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Saturn has been touring Aquarius since March 21, and you are starting to notice the new responsibilities that are being put on your shoulders. This is especially true if your birthday falls near January 20-22, for Saturn is hovering over the Sun of those born early in the sign. You may feel overwhelmed with how life has treated you lately, that others are expecting too much.

Saturn will go retrograde, which means he will start to weaken, starting May 10, not to go direct until September 28. What matters more is not when Saturn goes direct so much as when Saturn retreats back to Capricorn on July 1 and gives you a chance to breathe again. Saturn will again be back to Aquarius on December 16 to stay uninterrupted, but you will have Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, at your side in Aquarius to help you, starting December 19. By then, conditions will be different, and the experience, although still intense, will feel lighter.

You’ve learned a lot since March 20 when taskmaster Saturn arrived in your sign for the first time in 29 years. Having Saturn as your tutor has made you wiser and has given you an aura of authority that will help you succeed in future months. Saturn will be with you from December 16, 2020, to March 7, 2023, and in that time, you will have a chance to score one of your biggest victories in life.

As May opens, Mars, the energy planet, is still in Aquarius, the place Mars was in April, having entered your sign on March 30. You are now in the driver’s seat, for Mars is giving you courage and drive, despite all the demands others are making on you. You are determined to succeed, even if the world economy is frightful—you know there are always winners in any situation, and often it takes a dramatic, chaotic situation like a pandemic to bring out the best in people. This applies to you more than most, because your ruler, Uranus, governs chaos as well as genius. You see a certain amount of chaos as a normal part of life, and for any creativity to emerge, you sometimes need a wild environment like we have now. That insight is one of your assets.

You will lose Mars in Aquarius on May 12 when he moves into Pisces, so if you have an influential individual that you still want to meet with over Zoom or send a proposal to, do it quickly. Having Mars in Aquarius will give you presence—people will sit up and listen to what you have to say, for you will present your ideas in a compelling, passionate way.

Having Mars in your sign also tells me that you are beginning an important two-year cycle right now, so plant your seeds, and later, you will see them grow like Jack-and-the-Beanstalk’s beans. I love your timing. I say that because at the full moon, Mercury, ruling news and publicity, will be in lovely conversation with Neptune. Your photograph may be in the media with a fabulous write-up about your recent work.

The first big moment to watch this month will be the full moon in Scorpio, 17 degrees, May 7 in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement. This is a major turning point of the year, and if you are out of work, you may get a job offer, or if you are among the ones who were asked to stay on, a new title. It’s also possible you may get the kind of publicity you never imagined you’d get, and you’ll be thrilled.

A VIP believes in you, and you may not know this person is pulling the strings behind the black velvet curtain, helping you in a big way. I say this because this full moon will be within orb of a sextile (bringing opportunity) from good-fortune Jupiter and transformational Pluto. There is no doubt this is a special full moon. Scorpio (the sign of this full moon) likes to do deep research, putting details together to reveal something new or previously hidden, so this might apply now to the work you are praised for having done.

You are determined to succeed, even if the world economy is frightful—you know there are always winners in any situation. You see a certain amount of chaos as a normal part of life, and for any creativity to emerge, you sometimes need a wild environment like we have now. That insight is one of your assets.

When Mars moves into your second house of income and savings (Pisces), you may experience higher than usual spending. It may be that more money will come in, and you will be able to shop for things you need. Or maybe you need something essential that is expensive, like a car, or need to pay college tuition. Mars will not only increase your spending, it will also give you more motivation to find more sources of income. Many Aquarians have started to move their residence to distant cities and towns, so if that includes you, that may explain the greater than usual expenses. Major changes in lifestyle often require a large outlay of cash, and that is understandable, necessary, and worth the costs involved.

If you are looking for a new place to live, you may have to be patient. Venus is the natural ruler of your solar fourth house of home, and on May 12, in a rare trend, Venus will go retrograde. That means you won’t easily find suitable places to live, so you might as well table this effort until after the retrograde is over.

Your parents are also found in this same fourth house, so if you have been trying to find a solution for your mother or father, say, to find an aid to live with your parents or to find assisted living for one or both of your parents, you will have to wait—unless you can find something in the first week of May. This timing applies to any home and family matter as Venus will retrograde in Gemini from May 12 to June 24.

Next month will be a bit wild and wooly. Mercury will go retrograde from June 17 to July 12, and that will not be a good time to sign papers. Work hard to finish as many deals and projects as you can this month. A little-known fact about Venus may help—Venus rules money and profit along with good looks and all the embellishments in life like flowers, jewels, chocolates, and champagne. Venus retrograde would not be an ideal time to rent, buy, or sell property, or to buy furniture, a rug, a mattress, or other accoutrements for your home. If you need an electronic item, like a computer, car, smart phone, or TV, order it now, and stay as far away from next month’s Mercury retrograde (June 17 to July 12) as possible. You will feel Mercury’s slowdown and see lapses in judgement in yourself and others two weeks prior to June 17.

Venus retrograde also makes it a time of keeping to the status quo for your appearance. It would not be a good time for a blonde to try to become a redhead or under any circumstances to experiment with cutting your own hair. I don’t even want you to ask your partner or roommate to cut your hair for you unless the person is a professional hairdresser. Men have a bigger problem because their growing hair shows up sooner than it does for women. If you must experiment, do so in the first week of May.

There will be other planets that will go retrograde now too, adding to the general slowdown.

Pluto already went retrograde on April 25 to resume forward motion October 4.

Saturn will go retrograde on May 10 to September 28.

Jupiter will go retrograde on May 14 to September 12.

In summary, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are all retrograde or about to retrograde—five out of eight planets—so we are entering a time when progress will be slow. The universe is asking you to review your progress over the past 18 months, with special emphasis on the most recent six months. If you feel a project or your overall strategy needs to be adjusted, redone, or tweaked, you will have the coming months to do so.

A retrograde planet is a resting planet, and it is less robust because it withholds its best powers. You have come to rely on strong vibrations from the planets, and when their strength is missing, you feel the onus to supply the missing strength you’d normally get from them by yourself. That’s why everything seems more strenuous when planets retrograde. Projects take longer and require more energy and possibly more money to complete.

Sometimes a retrograde planet is helpful. Pluto rules viruses, and Jupiter, now traveling very close to Pluto, expands everything Pluto shows Jupiter. This explains the rapid spread of the virus. Saturn is also traveling close to both planets, adding to the seriousness of the situation.

Now that all three planets are weak, by the time all three are retrograde by mid-May, you will see an immediate reduction of the spread of the virus. In coming months, May through most of September, it would be easy to assume that the coronavirus is over and gone, but that assumption would be a mistake. When Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn return to strength in late September and early October, the virus will be back, stronger than before. You can read more about my thoughts on the pandemic by clicking on the link located on the front page of

Don’t relax your guard, keep up social distancing, and wear your mask and gloves. I feel we may have hopeful news from the scientific community by mid-December, but we have to see. We all need to continue to listen to the authorities’ advice until a treatment or vaccine is discovered.

Now for the good news—I have been saving it for last. The new moon in Gemini, two degrees, on May 22 will appear in your joyous fifth house of truelove. This area of your chart will add fun to your life and the possibility of making the acquaintance of someone new online, a person who might develop into a romantic interest. In the time of a pandemic, do not meet, but continue to get to know one another online. This slow, almost old-fashioned way of getting to know someone can provide the platform for a long-term, solid relationship.

Also, Jupiter and Pluto are now traveling in such late degrees of Capricorn that they are practically in Aquarius. They aren’t there yet, but my point is, Jupiter and Pluto will create a magnificent trine (120 degrees) on May 22 to the new moon and Sun, which is the best aspect—the most harmonious—that you could ever wish to see. This is why I feel you could meet someone special or, if you already have, grow closer.

Venus is in Gemini, the perfect place for Venus to be for you, and she will remain here until August 7, having entered this sign on April 3. Normally, Venus stays in a sign for only four weeks (about 30 days), but this year, this planet of love will remain in Gemini for 18 weeks. The reason Venus will stay so long—Venus will retrograde from May 12 to June 24.

On the happy side, Venus will be strong for you from June 24 to August 7, a period of one month and 13 days, so you won’t miss your time with a strong Venus. Venus will make your charms more visible and make you more irresistible. That’s Venus’ job, and she does it well.

Here is the problem: Venus retrograde is a bad time to start a relationship. Additionally, your solar fifth house of truelove is ruled by Mercury, a planet now getting ready to retrograde, (June 17 to July 12). Once a new moon appears, it sets the forecast for the matters it affects for six to 12 months, so as you see, this new moon will continue to offer a vibration for months to come. If you are single, you can try to meet on a dating app or site or through an arranged meeting via FaceTime or Zoom made by a friend, but you have to keep the budding relationship on a slow boil.

Since a new moon is good for a long time into the future, you might want to activate it at the end of July or August. If you want to try meeting someone with the aim of becoming friends first, do so this month, and try to do so prior to May 12, the date when Venus turns retrograde.

Aquarius’ style in love is always to become friends before anything else can happen, so this could work well for you. You need to feel genuine rapport and to admire the mind of your partner. You also love your computer and smart phone, and you enjoy meeting online. All things considered, this way of meeting a long-term partner might work for you. Do not, under any circumstances, invite that person to your apartment. Even if that person has no symptoms of the virus, that person could be a carrier—that person might be interesting, but you aren’t ready to die for that person. Be careful.

If you are already dating someone special, or if you are in an established relationship, living together or married, this new moon will instantly encourage closeness. This same new moon can help with creating a pregnancy because the fifth house (so lit up for you) rules conception. If you are not ready, you need to be careful. If you are ready and have been hoping for a baby, this can be cause for great excitement. You will have four heavenly bodies in your house of truelove—the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Venus—all in Gemini, an air sign like your Aquarius Sun. Saturn, still in Aquarius, will be in lovely alignment with the Sun, adding a sense of security from a romantic relationship.

The fifth house adds fun, relaxation and also a large measure of creativity. If you work in a job that pays you for your ideas, you will amaze the client and your management with the originality of your thinking. Even if you don’t work at a creative job, this new moon will stimulate you, and you can direct this energy into personal pastimes you are serious about—cooking, fashion design, photography, or music composition for starters. There is more! A strong clue is the fact that the new moon is in Gemini, the sign of writing, speaking, and transmitting information. You might want to start a novel or a collection of poetry, write lyrics for a song, create a new podcast, or sign a work order to start the development of an app.

This new moon will help you if you are in sales, marketing, or even the legal system, for in the latter case, you will be able to write stirring opening and closing arguments. All your legal briefs can shine now. If you are a scientist, you may now contribute an article to a respected scientific journal about your recent research and see it published.

Gemini is a double-bodied sign, so whatever happens just after May 22 could come in two’s—you may meet two interesting romantic interests, get two offers to publish your book, or if in sales, you may bring in two big clients. These are just three examples, but you get the idea—think in terms of two!

Please Note: On October 1, 2020, there is a full moon in Aries 9º, not Aquarius 9º. We apologize for this error in our 2020 calendar.


You are on the cusp of a major life change that may happen either now or in 2021-2022. Saturn has been providing you a preview of the coming year now that it is gliding in your sign, Aquarius. Saturn first entered Aquarius March 21 and will remain until July 1. During this period, you may see the handwriting on the wall—that something big is coming. If you have not seen signals of this yet, surely it will be revealed next year.

You may have been frustrated with your job for some time, but all that is rapidly changing. A new or evolving career position, one very different from the past, is opening up for you, and you’ll see proof of this at the full moon on May 7 in your tenth house of honors, awards, and achievement.

This is a rare moment in 2020. Neptune will be beautifully oriented to this full moon—a creative approach from you will be encouraged, and even expected, so go ahead, contribute your fresh ideas. Jupiter and Pluto are still in Capricorn, an earth sign, so make sure you are practical and rooted in reality when you offer up those thoughts. You always love the opportunity to add your stamp of individuality to all you do, so the career development that appears to be culminating will prove that it was tailor made for you.

An important point concerning your career and residence: You may be contemplating a relocation to take advantage of a job opportunity, but with Venus retrograde, you may have to put that on hold for the time being. Venus governs your residence, so if you move for a job with Venus retrograde, you may later not like the job and wish you had not been so hasty to pack up and go. Or you may not like the options for places to live in the new region and later find you miss your former home base. On the other hand, good jobs are hard to find, so you may want to take it.

See if you can commute for the time being rather than uproot yourself and your family. If the job is far, perhaps you can come home once a month. Venus will only be retrograde for 40 days, May 12 to June 24. You can use this time to think through your plans or get to know your new employer. It is also not the best time to buy, lease, or sell a house or condo.

Now, let’s discuss an exciting topic. Mars has been in Aquarius since March 30, a rare and extremely potent time for you to take control of your life and to convince others to go along with your thinking and direction to take. This helps you get things “just so.” You will have the first 12 days of May, while Mars remains in Aquarius, to continue to see people who can help you, personally or professionally. You won’t have Mars in this position again until March 8, 2022.

Mars in Aquarius not only helps you get ahead, it also makes you magnetic, and Mars’ lover Venus will do her part by gliding in one of the very best places for you, Gemini. Best of all, Venus will move through your fifth house of truelove until August 7. This month, Venus will not be alone in Gemini—at the new moon, May 22, she will be accompanied by the Sun, new moon, and Mercury. Mercury’s presence is important here, for Mercury rules your fifth house of truelove.

While it is not the time to start a new relationship with Venus retrograde, Venus will certainly help you bond closer to the one you love. This new moon is lovely for encouraging pregnancy too, so if you hope for a baby, you may be knitting baby booties very soon. If you are single and want to go online to meet someone you have things in common with and want to get to know one another slowly, that might work, too.

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