Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

See if you can commute for the time being rather than uproot yourself and your family. If the job is far, perhaps you can come home once a month. Venus will only be retrograde for 40 days, May 12 to June 24. You can use this time to think through your plans or get to know your new employer. It is also not the best time to buy, lease, or sell a house or condo.

Now, let’s discuss an exciting topic. Mars has been in Aquarius since March 30, a rare and extremely potent time for you to take control of your life and to convince others to go along with your thinking and direction to take. This helps you get things “just so.” You will have the first 12 days of May, while Mars remains in Aquarius, to continue to see people who can help you, personally or professionally. You won’t have Mars in this position again until March 8, 2022.

Mars in Aquarius not only helps you get ahead, it also makes you magnetic, and Mars’ lover Venus will do her part by gliding in one of the very best places for you, Gemini. Best of all, Venus will move through your fifth house of truelove until August 7. This month, Venus will not be alone in Gemini—at the new moon, May 22, she will be accompanied by the Sun, new moon, and Mercury. Mercury’s presence is important here, for Mercury rules your fifth house of truelove.

While it is not the time to start a new relationship with Venus retrograde, Venus will certainly help you bond closer to the one you love. This new moon is lovely for encouraging pregnancy too, so if you hope for a baby, you may be knitting baby booties very soon. If you are single and want to go online to meet someone you have things in common with and want to get to know one another slowly, that might work, too.

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