Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

If you are already dating someone special, or if you are in an established relationship, living together or married, this new moon will instantly encourage closeness. This same new moon can help with creating a pregnancy because the fifth house (so lit up for you) rules conception. If you are not ready, you need to be careful. If you are ready and have been hoping for a baby, this can be cause for great excitement. You will have four heavenly bodies in your house of truelove—the Sun, new moon, Mercury, and Venus—all in Gemini, an air sign like your Aquarius Sun. Saturn, still in Aquarius, will be in lovely alignment with the Sun, adding a sense of security from a romantic relationship.

The fifth house adds fun, relaxation and also a large measure of creativity. If you work in a job that pays you for your ideas, you will amaze the client and your management with the originality of your thinking. Even if you don’t work at a creative job, this new moon will stimulate you, and you can direct this energy into personal pastimes you are serious about—cooking, fashion design, photography, or music composition for starters. There is more! A strong clue is the fact that the new moon is in Gemini, the sign of writing, speaking, and transmitting information. You might want to start a novel or a collection of poetry, write lyrics for a song, create a new podcast, or sign a work order to start the development of an app.

This new moon will help you if you are in sales, marketing, or even the legal system, for in the latter case, you will be able to write stirring opening and closing arguments. All your legal briefs can shine now. If you are a scientist, you may now contribute an article to a respected scientific journal about your recent research and see it published.

Gemini is a double-bodied sign, so whatever happens just after May 22 could come in two’s—you may meet two interesting romantic interests, get two offers to publish your book, or if in sales, you may bring in two big clients. These are just three examples, but you get the idea—think in terms of two!

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