Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

On the happy side, Venus will be strong for you from June 24 to August 7, a period of one month and 13 days, so you won’t miss your time with a strong Venus. Venus will make your charms more visible and make you more irresistible. That’s Venus’ job, and she does it well.

Here is the problem: Venus retrograde is a bad time to start a relationship. Additionally, your solar fifth house of truelove is ruled by Mercury, a planet now getting ready to retrograde, (June 17 to July 12). Once a new moon appears, it sets the forecast for the matters it affects for six to 12 months, so as you see, this new moon will continue to offer a vibration for months to come. If you are single, you can try to meet on a dating app or site or through an arranged meeting via FaceTime or Zoom made by a friend, but you have to keep the budding relationship on a slow boil.

Since a new moon is good for a long time into the future, you might want to activate it at the end of July or August. If you want to try meeting someone with the aim of becoming friends first, do so this month, and try to do so prior to May 12, the date when Venus turns retrograde.

Aquarius’ style in love is always to become friends before anything else can happen, so this could work well for you. You need to feel genuine rapport and to admire the mind of your partner. You also love your computer and smart phone, and you enjoy meeting online. All things considered, this way of meeting a long-term partner might work for you. Do not, under any circumstances, invite that person to your apartment. Even if that person has no symptoms of the virus, that person could be a carrier—that person might be interesting, but you aren’t ready to die for that person. Be careful.

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