Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Now that all three planets are weak, by the time all three are retrograde by mid-May, you will see an immediate reduction of the spread of the virus. In coming months, May through most of September, it would be easy to assume that the coronavirus is over and gone, but that assumption would be a mistake. When Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn return to strength in late September and early October, the virus will be back, stronger than before. You can read more about my thoughts on the pandemic by clicking on the link located on the front page of

Don’t relax your guard, keep up social distancing, and wear your mask and gloves. I feel we may have hopeful news from the scientific community by mid-December, but we have to see. We all need to continue to listen to the authorities’ advice until a treatment or vaccine is discovered.

Now for the good news—I have been saving it for last. The new moon in Gemini, two degrees, on May 22 will appear in your joyous fifth house of truelove. This area of your chart will add fun to your life and the possibility of making the acquaintance of someone new online, a person who might develop into a romantic interest. In the time of a pandemic, do not meet, but continue to get to know one another online. This slow, almost old-fashioned way of getting to know someone can provide the platform for a long-term, solid relationship.

Also, Jupiter and Pluto are now traveling in such late degrees of Capricorn that they are practically in Aquarius. They aren’t there yet, but my point is, Jupiter and Pluto will create a magnificent trine (120 degrees) on May 22 to the new moon and Sun, which is the best aspect—the most harmonious—that you could ever wish to see. This is why I feel you could meet someone special or, if you already have, grow closer.

Venus is in Gemini, the perfect place for Venus to be for you, and she will remain here until August 7, having entered this sign on April 3. Normally, Venus stays in a sign for only four weeks (about 30 days), but this year, this planet of love will remain in Gemini for 18 weeks. The reason Venus will stay so long—Venus will retrograde from May 12 to June 24.

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