Aquarius Horoscope for May 2020

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Your Horoscope by Susan Miller

Venus retrograde also makes it a time of keeping to the status quo for your appearance. It would not be a good time for a blonde to try to become a redhead or under any circumstances to experiment with cutting your own hair. I don’t even want you to ask your partner or roommate to cut your hair for you unless the person is a professional hairdresser. Men have a bigger problem because their growing hair shows up sooner than it does for women. If you must experiment, do so in the first week of May.

There will be other planets that will go retrograde now too, adding to the general slowdown.

Pluto already went retrograde on April 25 to resume forward motion October 4.

Saturn will go retrograde on May 10 to September 28.

Jupiter will go retrograde on May 14 to September 12.

In summary, Venus, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter are all retrograde or about to retrograde—five out of eight planets—so we are entering a time when progress will be slow. The universe is asking you to review your progress over the past 18 months, with special emphasis on the most recent six months. If you feel a project or your overall strategy needs to be adjusted, redone, or tweaked, you will have the coming months to do so.

A retrograde planet is a resting planet, and it is less robust because it withholds its best powers. You have come to rely on strong vibrations from the planets, and when their strength is missing, you feel the onus to supply the missing strength you’d normally get from them by yourself. That’s why everything seems more strenuous when planets retrograde. Projects take longer and require more energy and possibly more money to complete.

Sometimes a retrograde planet is helpful. Pluto rules viruses, and Jupiter, now traveling very close to Pluto, expands everything Pluto shows Jupiter. This explains the rapid spread of the virus. Saturn is also traveling close to both planets, adding to the seriousness of the situation.

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